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Paul Richardson, WR, Colorado

Every year I spend some time watching all the Combine WR drills. I look at everything I can: how they get in and out of breaks, how they use their hands, how they track the ball, how smoothly they seem to run and cut, etc etc. Usually this works pretty well in identifying the most underrated/overrated WR prospects. So far this season I've only watched the second group's film (H-Z), but after watching I felt I had to make this thread.

Paul Richardson of Colorado could be something special. The measurables: He's 6 feet, 175, so he could stand to add some weight. But he ran the 3rd fastest official 40 (4.40) for a wideout, jumped a solid 38 inches, broad jump 124 inches. So he's fast, and a good athlete, but he's not Calvin Johnson, obviously.

What really stood out about him to me was...he was perfect. He caught every ball, and did it cleanly and perfectly with hands away from the body. He was quick and sudden in and out of breaks. He tracked the ball well on the deep throws. He found the sideline on the outside throws. He was smooth and confident and just LOOKED like a pro wideout. It was a really impressive performance - even better than Robert Woods last year, who was terrific in the drills (but doesn't have Richardson's speed).

And he's not a workout wonder, either. 83 catches for 1343 yards and 10 TDs, on a team with really mediocre-bad QB play. If he was on USC or Alabama, or a spread offense team, he could have had ridiculous numbers.

He is currently projected as a late second or early 3rd round pick, and I'd be ecstatic to see him selected by the niners with one of their second rounders.

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