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Phoenix49ers Mock Draft 5.0

I absolutely love Lamarcus Joyner but not for CB. Joyner is the guy I want to replace Donte Whitner. Joyner is in the mold of an Earl Thomas and will take te 49ers secondary to the next level.
No Abrrederis in the mock? meh
Originally posted by communist:
No Abrrederis in the mock? meh

I thought about it, but went with Moncrief for the upside............I know, I sold out.
You love him like I love Abbrederis. It's ok

Matthews is gone by the end of the 2nd, you think?
I just realized I want a WR that can physically beat Dick Sherman to a pulp.
Originally posted by communist:
No Abrrederis in the mock? meh

Every couple years, my buddy and I adopt a Badger player and call him our son. A few years ago we adopted Abby when he was just a walk-on, non-scholarship kid. He has been awesome at Wisconsin. Gets open, makes big plays, and is a good leader. Would love to have him be a 49er, but I won't just how effective he would be in the NFL. Now Borland, would be another Badger worth look at with Bow out. And Beau Allen as a Nose.
I love this mock!!! I would do backflips though if we could land Davante Adams with the Moncrief pick

I think you mock is spot on with the trade back.... we WILL NOT stay at #30. We either trade up for a good CB/WR/DL that slides a bit or more realistically we
trade back into the top of the 2nd round and get a 1st round talent and stock pile picks for next years draft.

Im starting to get torn on if we should re-sign whitner and/or Boldin
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