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2013 Draft Discussion Thread

Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Damn. Rams are going to get Austin

Damn!!! Harvin and Austin in the division!!!
Originally posted by pdizo916:
buffalo is making good moves

Well .. good for now but they will blow it when they use that #1 on Nassib.
Originally posted by gold49digger:
Tards got a good pick.

This....they didn't go full retard as usual. If they can add a tackle in the 2nd round and an RB in the 3rd, they could be on their way to being decently competitive next season.
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According to Silver a Big move is coming up, pls not 9ers for Austin.
Man, watching the Seahawks get Harvin and the Rams get Austin would be rough to see.
Oh s**t Rams gonna get Tavon Austin. Shieettttt
Rams trading up for Austin.
damn that would suck!
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Rams gonna get austin. .damnit

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But for Floyd? Wow that be something
Looks like the b***h ass rams trading up for Tavon. Now I gotta hate the guy
f**k rams are going to take austin
Could it be we see Cooper twice and Austin twice yearly. Look out NFC West.
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