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2013 Draft Discussion Thread

Originally posted by dhp318:
Everyone just wants to compare any longish athletic black pass rusher to Smith. Fact is, Smith played inside a ton at Mizzou, and beat his man alot with a freeze move and using his hands so well. Ansah doesn't have that, although they are similar in size/build. Dion Jordan is nothing like Aldon Smith.

Ziggy needs to learn how to use his arm length better, but the 2 of them have freakishly long arms and strength to go with it that allows them to pull off that freeze move. I agree Jordan is nothing like Smith - he's a better athlete in space but doesn't have his strength or arm length, but Ansah has incredible potential.
Originally posted by KID9R:
Really hoping for a falling Star

This is what I'm hoping for, don't need to trade up the way things have played out so far.
No brainer for them. Chilo won't make the final 53.
Uh oh.... Rams moving up.
Damn. Rams are going to get Austin
Originally posted by pdizo916:
#8 gets interesting.

Boring pick.....but the smart pick for Arizona, seems like the new regime really is changing things.
Isnt this the highest a Guard has EVER been drafted???
buffalo is making good moves
Damn, the Rams will take Austin

now things will start getting less unpredictable cause mayock has been right on almost every pick lol
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Damn. Rams are going to get Austin

I think so, especially with Amendola leaving. Austin in the NFC West means the 49ers really have to go out and get a quality slot corner in this draft.
I've heard the Bills like 2 QBs. I'm convinced for some reason the Bills like Matt Barkley and either Geno Smith or Nassib.

That being said, if they don't go QB, I thought Tavon. But who knows.
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Tards got a good pick.
Cooper is gonna be a bust
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