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Mock Draft with trade up for Tavon Austin - The perfect situation!

This would be badass!! Though overly optimistic is an understatement, half of this draft won't be there when u have us taking them
IMO Austin will be long gone by the 22nd pick. Dobson and Alfred i think will be drafted before the 4th round but i do love those picks. Don't think we draft a NT that early considering we extended Williams and signed Dorsey. I think a position other than center should be addressed with the 3rd pick like a DE
I really dont think we need to compliment things with making any big time trades. Especially any trade that includes anoher NFC West team. The only player I would like to trade up for would be Vaccaro. If not give me;

Round 1 Margus Hunt - I watched him play and he was an absolute beast. He literally manhandles O lineman with is strength. Would rotate with Justin Smith and Ray McDonad for a season or 2. Scouts compare him to Calais Campbell. Set school record for blocked kicks. He has a huge celing and would a good successor to Justin Smith.

Round 2 I: Jesse Williams - NT That can step in and play right now. Runs a 4.78 at 6'4 323. That means he has the ability to run down a scrambling QB in the backfield (Russell Wilson). Played NT for Nick Saban at Alabama so he has been tested a
nd successful in college footballs highest level of competition.
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No way the 49ers and Rams trade.

Austin may be out of reach and too high to trade up for anyway.
Like most of the picks, just not sure about the trades.
I'm getting tired of all the Tavon Austin man-love. We aren't going to draft him. Period.

IF he happen to fall to 31, I'd consider it.... but he won't. We don't need him. We need a DL and a FS infinitely far more than we need a midget WR.
Too late for a saftey we dnt have a starter first 2 rounds we need a saftey
We dnt need dl early this is. Deep dl draft we need depth on dl not starters right away
Well I may be in the minority, but If the draft fell like this I could definitely live with it. Would prefer to grab Kelce over Frederick in the 3rd and maybe address tackle before the G/C position, but thats just me.. good job!
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Originally posted by blm7754:
I'm getting tired of all the Tavon Austin man-love. We aren't going to draft him. Period.

IF he happen to fall to 31, I'd consider it.... but he won't. We don't need him. We need a DL and a FS infinitely far more than we need a midget WR.

Two of the moves the team has made so far have been on the defensive line--the extending of Ian Williams and the signing of Dorsey.
Those moves should lessen our need on the defensive line.

Drafting Austin does not prevent us from drafting a free safety, a nose tackle, or a defensive end.

We need a wide receiver. Austin is a wide receiver. He is the most explosive offensive player in this draft. We have a glut of draft picks.

But, we should not trade up to get him because he is a midget.

Austin has the skill set of De Sean Jackson and none of the character issues.

Austin has the versatility of Percy Harvin and none of the headaches--those he has and those he causes.

On NOT on the Tavon bandwagon. He is definitely talanted and that's not why I'm not in that camp.

Deshawn Jackson got almost the same hype and although is is VERY good I think their team could have done better and I think we DEFINITELY could do better. If we did pick him then I'd be hoping for outrageous performance like every other 49er fan.

I think Fauria is a sleeper pick and will do much better with some solid coaching.
"Moochy, I don't care if it's 10,000 super duper points! You don't trade within the division!"—Deion Sanders
Tavon Austin is intriguing. So are several other players. I think we are most likely to end up trading back. I think we will move up for the right guy but some of those players might be perceived as beyond our reach. TE is likely to be a pick we can stand pat and make. Then there is the possibility of trading back (likely into next years draft). To be honest there are plenty of guys who can help our team immediately who will be available in rounds 2 and beyond. If it were up to me I would work as hard as I could in this draft to try and get as high in next years first round as I can as there are some truly special players who could be out there. Can you imagine having Clowney from SC? The only starting position we are looking to fill right now is safety. We can find that as late as round 3. We need a running back to the future and I hope we take a waiver on Marcus Lattimore in the 3rd round since we have Gore, Hunter, and James. We are still looking for an impact player in the receiving corps but I would rather trade up higher in next years draft and try and hit a home run in the later rounds or hope one of the young guns on our roster steps up. We have alot of guys with size and speed who might be capable of a breakout season. I'd like to see Ricardo Lockette and Jenkins get some more reps and have a chance to prove their value than take a receiver in Round 1.
i would vomit if we traded up for a WR

Plus I'm pretty sure you're at least a round away from where each player will be selected or spot wise. Basically all those guys won't be around at the spots you have them going in.
I don't see Baalke trading up for a WR...especially not w/Rams. You don't give your division rivals more picks! I could see him trading up to get one of the stud DL, but again, not with a division rival. WRT Cyprien, he could be the first S off the board...he's been rising steadily, more so now after his pro day. For sure, he won't be around at #42. Nix on Jenkins...he's only capable of playing NT. Yes, he's a mountain of a man, but with so many other DL out there who can play anywhere on the DL, it'd be a waste to just take a NT. For example, Jesse Williams...can play anywhere on the DL, ditto Sly Williams, Short, etc. With Dorsey already on board, we'd have at least 2 guys who could play NT, DT, & DE. Gives Fangio a ton more flexibility and could conceivably save a roster spot for another player. Why would Baalke draft a C/G in rd 3...when Harbaugh has both Kilgore and Looney ready to take over for Goodwin and/or b/u OG. A swing OT would be much more useful. Instead, I'd draft a WR in the 3rd rd...maybe Patton or Rogers, for example, or take Alford then. I like him, but I don't think he's available in the 4th rd. Just about every mock I've seen that included trades has focused on trading up in the 1st rd...Baalke could do that, he's got the picks. But, something to remember is just about every expert agrees the biggest pool of talent is in the 20-70 pick range. TB has 5 picks in the 1st 3 rds going in...if he can increase that to 7 without sacrificing his #1 or even top 2nd rd pick, why wouldn't he want to do that. If he can achieve that, he'd be basically done drafting, unless he had a late rd pick or two for PS competition.
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