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man wtf, fleener would have been awesome with vd, on the field. Now just another rashaun woods.
I am literally pissed off at that pick.
Jenkins was due in the first 10 picks of the 2nd, so this isn't a huge reach and if Baalke and Harbaugh like him, I'm down!!!!
Im sorry but thats a s**t pick and a huge reach.
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A.J. Jenkins.....huh...ok WELCOME TO THE 49ERS....
HAHAHAHAHAHA I knew it was gonna be someone out of left field. f**k. Still better than Stephen "Barely played WR" Hill
Uhhh... What? I am trying really hard to be cool... hope this guy has a year. Not tall, no read zone threat, just confused. Whatever, they see more film than I do. Hats off to the guy who spoiled it 4 minutes ago
LOL Grant Cohn just had his childhood dreams crushed and is handling it like a toddler.
im kinda mad but let's see how the rest of the draft pans out to be.

I wanted Randle.

Hope I'm wrong.

Not sure what to think... felt the same way last year though with Aldon Smith. We shall see.

we havent hit on a WR in like 8 years....hope this kid works out
Hmmm interesting pick...well see, hope it works out for us.
Hmmm interesting pick...well see, hope it works out for us.
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