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Use The First Pick To Draft An Offensive Guard

i say we trade down EVERY pick in the draft and go all the way down to like 5 #7's..

THen next year we have 3 #1's.. 3 #'2s.. 2 3's and 2 4's and a 5 6 7.
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Why do people not get this.... you don't spend a 1st round pick on an interior OL! It usually is not good value for the pick. You can draft guys in rounds 2-5 that can be quality starters in the NFL at the OG and C positions. But they usually need a year or two to develop.

That is why Kilgore will probably be our starter. We will draft someone in round 2-4 to compete with him and provide depth.

I'm guessing our draft goes something like this:

1st - best offensive playmaker available
2nd - DL or RB (to replace J. Smith or Gore in a couple years)
3rd - WR
4th - OG
5th - CB

"you don't spend a 1st round pick on an interior Ol" Really??? Then why were Mike Lupati and Anthony Davis picked in the 1st round teens? Baalke made those picks because he saw huge holes in the O-Line that needed to be filled immediately with the best available players. I'm just saying maybe the right guard position is the same situation this year.

I'm not convinced Baakle and Harbaugh have that much faith Kilgore can step right in. They could be blowing smoke.

Some have suggested trading up to get De Castro, but he's expected to go around #15, so that would be a big price to pay. The guy I like is Glenn, appears to have all pro potential, another Lupati, should be there around #20, would be worth the price to have someone of his caliber for the next 10 years.
The National Football League offensive tackle previously known as Mike Iupati has officially changed his name to Mike Lupati, noting the continued misspellings of his name including by fans of his San Francisco 49ers. In solidarity, every present 49er teammate is also changing their names. Justin Smith is now Justin Lmith. Others are Patrick Lillis, Carlos Rodgers, Vernon Lavis, Dashon Goldston, Michael Lrabtree and Frank Gire.

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Where you one of the Webzoners who was screaming because they let Takeo Spikes go to San Diego, and you where afraid of Bowman starting at ILB, because he had very little game experience??

Where you one of the webzoners who freaked out when they let Manny Lawson (former 1st round pick) and give the position to Brooks?

Where you one of the webzoners who freaked out when they let Aubroyo Franklin go to New Orleans, and they where going to move Sopoaga from DE to NT?

Where you one of the webzoners who freaked out when the niners let Nate Clements go?

Where you one of the webzoners who freaked out over letting David Baas go to the Giants?

Where you one of the webzoners who freaked out when Joe Nedney left via free agency?

Where you one of the Niners who freaked out when the Niners where going to start a converted DE at FB over Moran Norris??

My trust is with Baalke and Harbaugh. Most teams have turnover, look at the niners turnover last year. If RG is the only spot, they can get a guard in FA and draft one. I simply think that beyond De Castro and Konz, you are not getting value at pick 30. Any other pick preferably pick 3 down, would be better. Just my opinion, which is worthless, but I think Kilgore should be given the opportunity.

Well, you have some points, but many are flawed, in many of the cases that you stated above, they were replaced by people who had some playing experience, including Bowman, he logged some time but it was too much for him and Takeo got his job back as a starter. Remember, Chilo was impressive in camp and had experience but ended up losing to Snyder.

Point is shouldn't go to camp with the expectation that Kilgore is a lock, even if he looks good in camp. ESPECIALLY since they have no good backup at either guard or center. The backup for center IS Kilgore.
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I think our roster space is limited and I don't want to see another first round pick burned on Oline, especially the interior. I'm all for a trade up for whomever Baalke covets.
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