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Quickie Mock.

Just a quick mock I wanted to toss together. I haven't had the time I used to to really get in depth with the draft but here goes.

Alex Smith, QB - Pretty obviously we're going to bring him back in.
Carlos Rogers - Was such a big part of us leading the league in turnover ratio.
Dashon Goldson - Proved his worth in 2011.
Robert Meachem - Big speedy receiver who showed a pretty nice nose for the endzone despite usualy being the 2nd or 3rd option in an offense filled with playmakers.
Ben Grubbs - Big OG who hs shown a knack for opening up big holes in the running game.

Being so far back to being with I think we'd be in much better position to trade back into the midle of the 2nd round and pick up a 3rd rounder either to team wanting to move up to get their guy.

2a: Bruce Irvin, OLB, WVU
Irvin has just blown up the combine which isn't a surprise to anyone familiar with him. Irvin is a physical specimen with room to add 10-15 lbs. Has a variety of pass rushing moves, including speed and power. He has a high motor and does not give up on plays. Has a history of causing turnovers. He'll likely start his career seeing the field only on passing downs but with some work he has the ability to become a 3 down player.

2b: Chase Minnifield, CB, UVA
Good all around CB who isn't afraid to get physical. Solid tackler who is willing to take on backs. Good hands and has good timing to swat/intercept balls. Probably will never be considered an NFL shutdown CB but will be able to match up against good NFL WRs.. Has great bloodlines.

3a: Ladarius Green, TE, La. Lafayette
Reach? Maybe. Green is a huge target and while he did play at a small school he showed up big against big competition. Green measured in at 6'6', 238 lbs, and covered the 40 in 4.5. With the production we saw from this type of TE in the NFL this year his stock will be very high and it's certainly possible that we would have to snag him earlier then this to get him but for now here is ok. Would provide a RZ threat that we have sorely been lacking.

3b: LaMichael James, RB, Oregon
Lack f size drops one of the elite playmakers in college football into this area. He likely isn't going to be a bell cow back in the NFL but we don't need one. Frank Gore and Kendell Hunter did a great job in 2011 but we were missing a homerun scatback type of player to change the pace. Jams provides that. His ability in space would add more options for us in the redzone, on third down, and at any point when we need a spark on offense. Having Gore and Hunter to carry the load would allow James to get 3-5 touches a game, which sholud help keep them all fresh al season long.

4: Joe Adams, WR, Arkansas
Adams slow 40 will hurt him, and unless he can make scouts forget about that he will likely be availabe here. His value to us is obvious. We need an upgrade in the slot and we need more options in the return game. Adams is a pretty polished WR in the slot and his returns are well documented.

5: Josh Chapman, DT, Alabama
A big NT prospect who excels in the run game.

6: Ron Brooks, CB, LSU
Pretty popular guy around the Webzone. Selected here more for his ability on special teams than his CB play, but with time he could prove to be a valuable defender.

7: Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota State.
Big WR with a history in basetball, my favorite late round sleeper.

I tried to target free agents that were't too old and wouldn't command elite FA money.
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id be very very pleased with this offseason
I love it, Ron Brooks is my guy. I'm telling you guys, he will be a quality freakin DB as a 5th or 6th round pick. Adding Irvin and Minifield helps keep our defense elite, and Joe Adams is sick. Only think I might change is Green to a guy like Marvin Jones who I'm a big fan of. But Green looks like a fantastic prospect too. Overall just a great job. Might be my favorite mock offseason so far.
i'd be happy with this
Irvin is a third round pick at best and highly overrated. the draft is cool besides that, but we might as well trade 2a for a first next year as Irvin wont do s**t anyways.
I think James from Oregon is too similar to Kendall Hunter. You need a bigger back for the rotation to replace dixon.
Good mock but I think they could get Irvin in the 3rd.
I like the FA signings of our DB's.
Originally posted by 9erred:
I think James from Oregon is too similar to Kendall Hunter. You need a bigger back for the rotation to replace dixon.

Good mock.

I like the FA very much BUT I think Grubbs will be Way $$$. Still, would love to have him.

I really like trading back BUT I feel tthere is a guy who will be a super player for years to come and we should grab him if possible. POE, he ran under 5 twice in the 40 and is 346 lbs, and in the bench press lifted and incredible amount of times.

I disagree, I think Irvin will be a well above average defender and a top 15 to 20 pass rusher getting 10 - 12 sacks a season with the potential to go beyond that.

Of course with that said I see we signed Brookes long term to a pretty nice deal so another pass rusher early looks less likely. Back to the drawing board.

Just quickly the Brookes deal probably takes away the money I had set for Grubbs so put a big OG in that early spot.
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Maybe Brandon Brooks RG Miami 6'5" 330 in the 3rd?
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Maybe Brandon Brooks RG Miami 6'5" 330 in the 3rd?

Yeah something like that.
I think Pat White is available.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
I think Pat White is available.

Id still take him before letting sanchez ruin my team
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