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NFL Network or ESPN?

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Who will have better coverage?

I remember last year doing precious channel over and over.
I will go back and forth.
NFL Network. I can't stand Mel Kiper.
Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
I will go back and forth.

I seem to have more fun and laugh more when I watch espn. NFLN is kinda dull.
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NFLN draft coverage starts at 10am PST. ESPN's starts at 12pm PST.
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Not sure, but I will be watching both!
NFL Network, UNLESS, they keep repeating that awful "Play 60" commercial with that terrible song and the Falcons proving they have no rhythm over and over again. They must show that commercial 10 times an hour. It's more annoying than Kiper!
Historically ESPN, but now both. Always interesting to see different perspectives.
ESPN, I hate NFL Network. I only watch it when NFL games are on

NFLN sucked ass for Niners coverage last year. Every Niner pick they went to commercial and never really discussed the pick when coming out of break. But I'm to the point where I can't take Cris Berman for long periods of time. Mainly ESPN but I will switch between both.
Typically during the NFL season I like to watch NFL Net pregame show, but I like ESPN's draft coverage. I work at ESPN so I may be biased but I like Gruden, Kiper, McShay and the gang better than Mayock and Lombardi. I do like Charlie Casserly though.

I'll prolly end up switching back and forth but with the niners draft room being on NFL Net i'll look out for that.
Definitely back & forth.
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Definitely back & forth.
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ESPN has publicly stated that they will "scale back" their coverage this year. Only Berman, Gruden and Kiper.

NFLN will have a 49ers Draft Room camera. ESPN won't.
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