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Last Mock of the season

If we keep all our picks I hope it goes something like this.

1-13- CJ Spiller- RB- Clemson -Not sure if he makes it to 13 but if he does I cant see us passing
1-17- Charles Brown OT-USC- Probably the best OT avaliable after at this point..
2-49- John Asamoah G- Syr - I think he's the best guard in the draft
3-79- Javier Arenas - CB- Alabama -Great PR/KR prospect and could step right in on nickle downs assuming Clements and Spencer are 1 and 2.
4-113- Brandon Spikes - LB Fla - would love to see him and patrick patrol the middle for the next 10 seasons.
5-145- Antonio Brown -WR-Central Mich- Wow I love this guy he's adds alot of flair to the draft with spiller , arenas , and brown these guys should cure any special teams problems we had last season.
6-206-Larry Asante S Nebraska - should compete with Taylor for a roster spot
6-206-Clifton Geathers - DE/DT- South Car - Gives us another option along the line.
7-224- Darius Marshall - RB Marshall - This is my change of pace back to Gore he may beat out Glenn Coffee and would create a great 3 headed monster in the backfield. Otherwise he'll be a great practice squad guy for then next year or so .

I didnt cover the pass rush but we was top 5 last season in sacks and we're getting everyone back. I see Ahmad Brooks being similar to Brandon Graham only he has proved to be effective in the nfl.. Adding Spikes and Arenas to the mix should sure up the defense if it needed sured up any.

As for offense where we was bad at and or defense coulda been the best in the league if they wasnt on the field so much I splurged a little. Grabbing CJ Spiller is a must he gives us the home run threat and a eventual replacement for Gore in the next few seasons along with a unheard of back in Marshall. Marshall shows great strength but is very good at breaking big runs. He's like a clinton portis clone if I had to compare him to a recent star. Two good additions in Charles Brown and John Asamoah they could be a great combo with Staley Chilo and Heitmann.

Probably my favorite player in this draft is Antonio Brown he's got great return abilities and did very well at the combine. He's quick and plays hard after Crabtree and Morgan the wr position is for the taking. I can see him playing a great slot position ..

Flame away.
C. Geathers is someone i would not mind being MS's project for a bit
yeah he'd be a good project, who know cant loose at that point in the draft.
Nice mock.
I really like this mock. Not sure about the 7th round choice, but that's really a project pick anyway. Love the first 4 rounds.
god please let it happen, i LOVE this mock
Maybe early for Charles Brown, but couldnt complain too much if it went down like this. Offense would be much improved thats for sure
Great draft but some confusion on the 7th pick. y draft anther running back if we're getting spiller?

Or just switch Spiller for Trent Williams and you have a perfect draft
well my main reason for taking two RB's is, Robinson is no runner and Coffee wasnt really impressive. I believe Marshall will be a steal ala Ahmad Bradshaw from Marshall a few seasons ago. We dont have any prospects for our practice squad at the RB position. So why not take a flyer on him that late. Seriously Gore, Spiller, and Marshall could be a great 3 headed monster, im not sold on Coffee and I think we overdrafted him by at least 1 round. Thanks for all the great feedback too fellaz.
oh and about Brown at 17 honestly a trade back 4 or 5 slots to gain a few spots in the 4th late 3rd to ensure we get Spikes would be ideal. But I didnt want to get into all the adding up trade value stuff.

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Do you guys really like Arenas? Just wondering.
good returner and has a nack for picking off the QB so as a punt returner and a nickle dime cb yeah .. why not.
Originally posted by LA_NINERS:
Do you guys really like Arenas? Just wondering.

Great return man. Decent nickel corner. Anything higher than the 3rd for him is too early. But he's probably the best punt returner in the draft.
damn , no one has opinions on this one..
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