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Last Mock of the season

Originally posted by OtisDriftwood:
damn , no one has opinions on this one..

I would offer an opinion.. except I am in deep mock overload.

All mocks are beginning to look the same at this point. I just want to draft to get here so I don't have to read anymore mocks, just evaluate and review the actual draft.

A couple of quick thoughts;

1. I am not on the Spiller bandwagon, #13 is too high for a guy that won't get that many touches

2. I really like Asamoah

In the 1st think we are going to end up draft 2 of the following 5 guys

Haden, Thomas, Davis, Graham & Iupati
Great mock except I'd take a pass rusher instead of Spiller.
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I would prefer Haden to Spiller if we're given the choice. I just think Haden's a lockdown corner and Spiller is basically going to be a return guy. If we do take Spiller we're going to have a lot of money tied up in the RB position when only one is going to be on the field at a time.

I like getting the OT with the 2nd #1. Our need is so great, I wouldn't even mind if we reach.

Asamoah looks good. I had him in some of my own mocks.
I like Arenas too. Fills a need.

Brandon Spikes...I like him but I'd rather get a safety to back up Lewis. Lewis is slipping and more injured. Takeo is doing fine so we should go with a safety like Myron Lewis. This draft is deep at safety imo.

Antonio Brown looks good. Nice pick!
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