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AB's Post Combine WZ Collaborative Mock Draft- Picks Thread - huck(NYG)

Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
The Vikings select;

Jimmy Claussen, QB.

The Vikings see an opportunity to grab their franchise QB of the future and jump on it. They realize that Favre could retire this year or next. Having Claussen sit one year under Brett is a plus and provides insurance in case he decides to retire. The Vikings are very close to a Superbowl appearance and they know that without a franchise QB they have no chance. They have little to no faith in Jackson/Rosenfels to lead them to the SB, so they take a chance on Claussen here.

and what are we gettin from the viks if we trade are 13th pic???i just dont see it happenin when this years draft classes is to good to pass on.thats the most stupid thing we could do and the only way we do that is if there giving lots of picks this yr and next yr
with the 23rd pick in the NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers Select:


I thought about having them take Kindle because my top picks were off the board with Kyle Wilson and i think they will take Gresham here to give them that threat in the middle of the field for Rodgers and open things up outside for their Recivers
I don't know about that pick, they've got Jermichael Finley, who is already a good TE.

55 recs, 676 yds, 5 TDs
The Philadelphia Eagles select Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
Now that they have given Flacco a true stud at WR, the Ravens are free to draft as they normally would without worrying quite so much about improving Flacco's weapons. That means acquiring all the defensive talent possible. So, with age affecting their normally dominating D, it's time to reload.

With that in mind and OLB/DE at the top of their wish list, the Ravens are proud to select: Texas OLB/DE, Sergio Kindle

With the retirement of Warner and Bertrand Berry, the FA losses of Antrell Rolle and Karlos Dansby (and pretty much decimated LB core), the Arizona Cardinals don't look in the best of shape. Unfortunately, these aren't even close to the scariest thing on the front office and ken whisenhunt's minds. Their worst fear has come true, Ken Dorsey, err I mean Matt Leinart, is their QB

So as much help as the Cards may need on defense, everyone knows Leinart is going to need as much help as he can get. With a spectacular WR core and an up and coming running game, the only thing left to do is make sure the OL is sured up.

Levi Brown on blindside? Check

Interior 3 headed by Deuce Lutui to help run game? Check

Mike Gandy healthy and ready to play left tackle? Question Mark

Since the left side is technically not Leinarts blindside, it's the equivalent of a RT for any other team (though Leinart probably won't make it past a season as starter), so why not pick up a decent starter who could learn behind Gandy and not have to pay too much for his services?

And with that, the Arizona Cardinals are proud to select:

Charles Brown, OT USC

After attempting to trade out of the 27th pick of the 1st round the Dallas Cowboys proudly select Florida's ILB Brandon Spikes. With the end of his career in sight, Keith Brookings replacement is found and the Cowboys ILB position is set for the next ten years.
The Chargers add a big back to replace LT and add a much needed dimension to their run game...he'll need a new # however....
via PM(BoiseNiner is on the road) The Jets select Golden Tate.
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Niners need a RT but they are not going to reach for one. Iupati can be moved to RT in worst case scenario. Thought about drafting a CB here, but pass-rush is still a concern. Niners were top 5 in sacks, but constant pressure was not there. If we can hurry the QB on consistent basis (and we didn't do that last year) our secondary won't look so hopeless at times. So, with that in mind - the Niners will draft - the best and most natural 3-4 pass-rusher in this year's draft -

OLB Jerry Hughes, TCU

INDY selects Brian Price, UCLA DT
With the final pick in the first round the Saints continue to strenghthen their team by pick up a player that should of gone in the top 15 picks and has the physical tools of a top 5 pick. The rich get Richer and the saints Select- Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
An unbelievable physical specimen we feel the sky is the limit for this kid and with a well establoshed coach a nd organization here to steer him, his personality questions will be solved and his on the field production will make him a true steal at the spot.
With the first pick in the 2nd round, the Rams select:

Arrelious Benn, WR.

They have chosen Bradford, now they chose to get him a weapon to help him succeed.
The Detroit Lions have a lot of needs, and there are quite a few talents out there. First, some people in the war room want Patrick Robinson to be the pick. Super athlete, great upside, and played well at Florida State (great pedigree). Some in the group find Robinson to be similar to Cromartie and want to shy away.

Another group in the war room want help on the offense. Vladmir Duccase is a physical freak who can possibly be a great OL. Unfortunately, he will need time to adjust to the pros.

Because of this, Schwartz steps in, weighs his options, and comes out with an out of nowhere pick and selects:

Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida

Every quarterback needs a co-leader of the offense, and Stafford wouldn't find anyone better than Pouncey. He can automatically step in and take over the line. Everyone knows the importance of a center to a QB after the Jeff Saturday episode for Manning. Suring up the lines is Schwartz's primary goal, and he has done so with his first two picks.
With the 35th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, Tampa Bay selects
Demaryius Thomas WR Georgia Tech

Happy to see him here early in the 2nd round. He's been rising on some draft boards and TB is in dire need of some playmakers. With Antonio Bryant moving on Josh Freeman is going to need someone other than KW2 to rely on. Thomas definitely has the potential to evolve into a #1 WR in this league.
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