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Mock: Early run on OT's

Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
We truly are a pathetic franchise if we have to trade up just to get a freaking RT.

Meanwhile some teams don't even have to spend a first rounder on their LT.

The thing is..we don't have to...Pashos is coming back...we could pick someone up in the 3rd or later to be groomed.
Our 2010 OT.....Tony Pashos.

I'd rather have an impact player at #13 (Spiller, Haden, Graham) than settling for the #5 Tackle on the board.
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
I would be one unhappy Niner fan if we deal our first next year for a 2nd this year. That is just dumb in my opinion. I know teams do it from time to time but I just dont think its a smart move.

Agreed. I am sure that Carolina fans are not too happy with that trade last year.
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