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Consequences of Drafting Spiller

Here's a bold prediction; We will not take a RB in the first round. We will not take Spiller.
Consequences of drafting Spiller? They dont fix there glaring holes that every one in the nfl can see. Best available works when you suck or when your elite but the niners just need a few players to really be a contender. Dont give that up on a flash in the pan back. Niners can reach a little but those players will be better then what they have.
Originally posted by valrod33:
if we draft Spiller I will post naked pics of myself.

...and I will not click on them
If we sign Sproles, we definitely won't take'd give Mac his opportunity to really go big on the OL by taking Campbell and Iupati. Then he could go big RB in 3rd or 4th, if he wants to add a bruiser (I hope he does). Our OL and backfield would be dramatically improved.
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