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Draft trade idea

The Niners made their trade. It's done.
Originally posted by njninersfan420:
Originally posted by 9moon:
IT was obvious that the Jets did not want to trade w/the 49ers back when we were at the 12th spot, but I would not be surprise if New York wants Justin Fields
and they are just making a clown out of Shan Choker..

the last 7 minutes of the selection, the Jets will reach it to SF and tell us that YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES TO DECIDE IF YOU WANT ZACK.. WE SWAP SPOT BUT YOU NEED TO THROW IN DEEBO.

Cool story bro. Only the 100th trade u put deebo in that will never happen just like the rest of em

YOU wouldn't trade Deebo if the Jets asked for him and swap 1st rounders??
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