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Geek's Mock Plan: Pre-Super Bowl Edition

Originally posted by GEEK:
Originally posted by lamontb:
Makes no sense to sign Preston Smith if we are resigning Hyder. I'm not kicking Hyder inside for a guy who was a total disappointment with 4.5 sacks.

I'd be terrified if that was our starting secondary.

Im down with any mock that nets is Watson

Hyder is what we had hoped K. Street would be - a guy that can be effective as a 3T or outside on the edge. Hyder has experience playing both, and can easily flex outside as evident in his 2020 season. It's also just a depth chart for our primary 4-2-5 sets.

Agree our secondary would be a big risk due to a youth movement. May make sense to also resign Verrett if it's a reasonable contract.

Resign JV and this is a grand slam
Originally posted by GEEK:
You pose some interesting questions that merit further discussion. Would love to see your own mock on this forum.

RE: Lions trade - it takes two to tango. Lions are committed to a long-term build. It makes no sense for them to give up their own 2022 1st round pick, especially if they pick QB w. their 1st round pick. The reason why I project the Bears to that is because of their clear void at QB + their GM and HC are on their last legs. They are more likely to be in a desperate situation to trade future assets to save their butts.

RE: Free up cap space now to sign future cap casualties - Not sure I buy this fully because we don't know WHO will actually get cut. My two main resignings - T. Williams, Hyder - are well deserving of their contracts and may be cheaper than overpaying for FAs. While the cap is lower in 2021, there are plenty of flush cap space teams that need EDGE and LT and would overpay to secure those. NYJ being one. We are not at the point of a rebuild, so I don't see why we would not resign some key vets.

RE: Verrett - yeah I think we do ultimately sign him to a reasonable deal. However, Shanahan and Lynch are likely skittish to give a mult-year contract to someone who's been super injury prone in his career. It's 50-50 at this point.

RE: Jimmy - I completely disagree with you on the Jimmy G approach. He's got a VERY reasonable contract with low GTD for 2021 and beyond. Until we actually find a true upgrade, we should keep a good serviceable starter on our roster.


Just wanted to followup on potential draft prospects I think we should consider:

I think we need at least 1 Tackle just to come in and compete for a spot on either RT or RG - So here I like Walker Little and Dillon Radunz in the second round.

I agree we need to get a Center for the future that could sit behind Mack or Linsley if we get one of them in FA - Here I like Dickerson, Humphrey and Meinerz (Meinerz has the upside of versatility, since he has played guard in college)

I think we need a speedy edge rusher - Ojulari, Oweh, Ossai, Basham, Roche, Cam Sample and in later rounds Daelin Hayes.

I suggest we select a couple of physical corners in the later rounds - Gowan, Melifonwu, Keith Taylor, Mukuamu (I would definitely get an extra vet CB in FA, hopefully someone becomes available as Cap Casualty)

As a "Nice to have" bonus if he drops to us, I really like Demetric Felton, I think Shanahan can find a lot of fun ways to utilize his speed and shiftiness (basically be whatever the intention was for Jet McKinnon)

I like your Darby pick especially with the connection to Aiyuk, but Amari Rodgers or Cade Johnson would also work in this role. As a bigger WR I would like to get Nico Collins, I think he looked great at the Senior Bowl.

As we are letting K'waun go in my scenario, then I would also try to get Sean Wade (he is sliding down a lot of draft boards because he can't play outside, but is supposedly a really good Nickle)

If he is available I would also like to get Tommy Tremble. If we lose Juice next year, I think we will play more 2TEs an would need more bodies in this group. Tremble is supposedly a very good blocker and very fast for a TE.

Finally we should get either Mond, Trask or Mills to sit behind our QB1 whoever he may be.

Please let me know what you think I would love to hear how you would prioritize some of these prospects. I think there is a lot of value in the 2-4 round this year, so getting more picks in these rounds by trading down will be key.
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