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New Year's Eve Mock Draft (Salary Cap,Coach Staff Moves,FA&Trades,Draft,Depth Cha

Originally posted by Rathof44:
Letting Hyder walk is bad idea, moving AA outside also a bad idea. Why would anyone in their right mind trade for Ford? Even a 6th rounder is too much considering it will be for zero games played (even if it is the Bengals). Can't get behind Ridder. Tired of dart throws at QB. QBS drafted after R1 fail at over 90% over last five year....Hurts and Prescott only exceptions.

Great detail and lots of work though.

I foresee players like Verrett, Sherman, Kwaun and Hyder leave because 49ers can't match FA market (Verrett and Kwaun Williams specifically) or retain to go to teams with more suited/familar scheme (example:Hyder might follow Kocurek and Sherman follow Saleh).

Also I don't like the idea of another season with banged up Jimmy but our current situation is quite limited because have many needs to fill on OL and DB. Surrounding draft picks for Zach Wilson or veterans like Stafford/Wentz without addressing the OL might end up like a similar scenario as Burrow with a weak OL then get injured because of constant pressure.
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I'm sorry you lost me when you let kwaun Williams walk
Originally posted by NIMV4683:
Originally posted by ScoutyMclueN:
I don't think DB coach Tony Oden leaves, I believe he takes over as DC if 49ers hire internally. Demeco Ryans doesn't have enough experience to be promoted to DC.

I like that you draft a CB in the first round but I think Stokes is a low 1 for CB. I think 49ers will get Caleb Farley or Jayce Horn if they pick between 12-14. 49ers should look at picking up a QB midround to develop and Desmond Ridder is worthy of that pick. He's a dual threat QB with a live arm that can sit behind Jimmy and learn the game.

I love what I read about Demeco. Personally my first option was Raheem Morris but the whispers around league say Morris might stay in Atlanta. Gus Bradley could go with Saleh since both are very close. Oden and Kocurek might leave because other teams have the chance for interviews and current teams can't block them.

I picked Stokes because of 49ers gonna trade down to a team around the 19-24 who looking for a OT or DE and Farley and Horn are gone at that range.

Also liked what I saw of Ridder. If he is there to take at that pick (Bears 3rd round), can be groomed by Shanahan and get behind Garoppolo.

That makes sense if the 49ers trade down after 19 then it would be Eric Stokes or the other Georgia DB or maybe Shaun Wade from Ohio St.
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