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Last mock draft

see alot of u guys taking wr with the 13th pick. We dont needed it with the 13th i said we trade up with Jacksonville we give our 13th and 3 ,4 form next year draft. Move up to take derrick brown. We can pick up a wr on the later rounds. After brown all other dt are just rotational player. Same with the players we have. But thats not what we need. Theyre not get double team like buckner was there. So we're gonna see alot double triple team on bosa. Our team was good last year cause our defense was keeping the score close or they were dominating other tean. Were gonna need alot wprk from our defense to help our offense this year. Other team are stacking up with there offese. As long as our defense is dominating and running the ball we set up our wr with the ones we have.

Here my mock draft.
Move up with Jacksonville pick number 9 to draft derrick brown and contnue with our dominating other team

We trade our 31st pick to miami for there 56 and 70th pick
56 pick we draft wr brandon aiyuk

70th pick we draft center matt hennessy

176 pick we draft ot yasir durant 

210 pick we draft wr quez watkins. This might end up steal of our draft. Kid ran a 4.3 and 6'2. Just gotta add some wieght 

So there is my final draft
How exactly do you plan to move up to 9th overall without giving up at least the 31st?
Im giving them out 2 and 3 for next year
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