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Does this bullsh*t happen in your FF league.

So i played a game last week where the team i was playing didn't have a second RB to play, injuries and bye weeks. So he made a trade so he would have a running back after the game was over they traded back the same players.

That cost me the game.
wow that is bulls**t I've never seen guys trade back

couldn't the trade have been voided by the members?
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That's kinda weak.
My main FF league gives out $10 to the person who scores the most points every week so there would never be a reason to do crap like that.

Honestly almost every free league will have issues, owners stop managing their teams, bulls**t trades, possible throwing of games, cutting their whole team etc. It is just part of FF unless you are playing for money or with a group of extremely competetive people.

Obviously what they did was uncalled for and if it bothers you (it would me), I would just find a different league to play in next year unless the offending players were removed.
sounds lame but if you guys didn't set those rules up front then all is fair when it comes down to the money. Personally i wouldn't do that b/c i'm not helping anybody else. I'm trying to win the cash.
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