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Javon Hargrave loved “everything but the taxes” in deal to join 49ers

Mar 17, 2023 at 11:27 AM--

After a very productive season with the Philadelphia Eagles, defensive tackle Javon Hargrave earned a big payday with the San Francisco 49ers, signing a four-year deal worth up to $84 million. That is life-changing money for the 30-year-old.

Hargrave joined KNBR on Friday to discuss the move from Philly to the Bay Area.

"I was talking to them before I even signed, and one thing I even told him, even the players that had [contacted] me was just it ain't really too much convincing you all can do," Hargrave said. "You ain't really got to convince me. I guess they thought I was playing at the time, but it ain't really hard to convince when you go into a team that's built on winning, and one, they trying to come pay me big money."

Going from one stacked roster to another stacked roster is a rarity for a player looking to cash in on free agency. Although, the raise comes with some cost. Hargrave loves the idea of heading to California but quickly learned that living and working in the beautiful state isn't cheap.

"That really was a pretty simple decision for me. Everything but the taxes," Hargrave admitted. "... That's the only bad [thing]. But football-wise, there was no negative. Even asking some of my old teammates and some of my coaches that know about it, it was just so many good things to say about it. So it just made me real comfortable with making a decision."

Hargrave couldn't have asked for a better situation, going from the NFC champion Eagles to the team his Eagles faced in that NFC title game.

"It's definitely great when you can leave one team with a bunch of talent and go to another team with a bunch of talent," Hargrave shared. "It's pretty good because it's the NFL. You can't win by yourself. No matter how great you are, you need great teammates to win in the NFL.

"So it was just [great] to know how much talent, how many great players are over here and just really come over here and put my head down and get the work, try to contribute and help us, help them get better and have them help me get better. So it's really exciting. Just be a part of this."

Hargrave's new teammates, players like Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead, immediately reached out to congratulate him on joining the 49ers and earning a massive contract.

"I told them they just some dogs, so I'm happy to be here, too," Hargrave said. "So I just hope we can put our heads down and get to work."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Hargrave below.

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