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Transcripts: What Trey Lance, DeMeco Ryans, and Nate Sudfeld said during Week 1 of 49ers training camp

Jul 28, 2022 at 5:14 PM--

San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans and quarterbacks Trey Lance and Nate Sudfeld spoke with reporters after Thursday's practice, the second of training camp. Here is everything they had to say.

Transcript provided by the San Francisco 49ers Communications staff.

Did today feel like a really good day for the defense?

"Today was good for the defense, just with the energy that all our guys brought, the way they were working together as a unit. The day we had today was a really good day. I just love to see guys excited, happy to play football, having fun with it and that's what you saw out there today."

The DBs had a sequence there where, like every one of them, your first-string guys, were making plays. What kind of encouragement does that give you going forth?

"A lot encouragement. I'm really excited and happy about the unit that we have. The guys we have back there with, with [CB Charvarius Ward] Mooney, with [CB Emmanuel Moseley] E-Man, [DB] Jimmie [Ward], [S Talanoa Hufanga] Huf, [DB Tarvarius Moore] T-Moore, all those guys have done a great job. They're off to a really good start. And all we're looking for out of those guys is to continue to compete and continue to get better each and every day. And if they do that when we open the season up, we'll be very happy with where those guys will be."

How is E-Man, as far as the physical aspects of the game, press coverage, how has he sort of developed in that regard?

"E-Man has continued to grow and develop. He's one of the hardest working guys we've had, so all throughout the spring practices, OTAs and mini-camp, throughout the summer and even now you can see the work that E-Man has put in while we're all away. You can see that he's ready to go. He's been doing a great job, taking care of his body, looks like he's gotten bigger, added some weight, looks stronger. E-Man is in a really good spot and he's continued to show that each and every practice from yesterday and today, he's just been consistent. And that's all we ask of all our guys, just continue to be as consistent as they can be. And E-Man is definitely one of those guys who is, right now, at the top of his game."

What have you seen from Charvarius Ward and has his acquisition kind of up'd the level of competition in that defensive backfield?

"Yeah, he's come in and done exactly everything we've asked him to do. He's competitive, he competes every day. He's always challenging the guys across from him, challenging the guys in the room. So, it has raised our competition level in the DB room and I'm happy to have that. The more competition, I think the better all those guys get, so that's what Charvarius has done. He's raised the level of competition in there and guys know they have to step up, rise to his level."

E-Man was talking yesterday about Chavarius as a press corner. What is it that makes him so good as a press?

"I think first off, it's just his mindset. You want to talk about press corners. It's just the mindset to be able to get up there and press some of the top guys in the NFL, he's done it at a high level and he's not afraid. He's confident, he has the skill set, he has the athletic ability, he has the speed, the foot quickness to keep up with guys, so that's what makes him a good corner. First and foremost, is the mindset and the confidence you have to have when you're on the island. He has all the confidence he needs to go out and be a dominant corner."

I don't know if this is how you do it 100-percent of the time, or if there's a decision, but would he be a field corner or a boundary corner?

"We're not getting into where they're playing. He's a corner for us."

No DL Arik Armstead today. Was it just a rest day? It seemed like DL Charles Omenihu kind of subbed in for him. How do you like his versatility and what he brings for you guys?

"I think all along our defensive line, we've got a lot of depth on our defensive line. A lot of those guys have been here. Charles is coming along, he's competing, he's another year in our system, he's doing much better. Understanding the techniques and what we're asking of him and just the competition level there. We talked about the DB room, but also in the D-Line room. We have a lot of competition, a lot of guys getting better each and every day, a lot of guys pushing each other and that's what you want to see here in camp, so a lot of guys doing really well there."

Have you gotten a chance to look at DL Robert Nkemdiche yet and what kind of shape did he arrive in and how does he sort of fit your mold for that position?

"Yeah, he's figuring it out. He's come in, he had a really good workout for us. He's come in, he's figuring it out, like I said. When you come into our system with our defense line, it's a different style. It's a different technique than most guys have done in their careers, so it takes time. It takes time to get used to it. It takes time and you have to put in the work each and every day. So, if Robert comes in and puts that work in, he'll continue to get better and be able to perform the way we want him to perform."

What's your sense of where QB Trey Lance is? You went up against him last camp and he did a lot of positive things. Do you see it at a whole other level this camp?

"Yeah, Trey has been Trey. He's a big-time playmaker. What you guys saw last training camp, he was playing at a high-level in training camp last year and I think it's the same thing this year. Trey has done an excellent job these first two days. I think just his command, his leadership of that offensive huddle has been great to see. It is great to see all the guys rallying around him and I'm excited for his growth and his development as a quarterback in his league. And I see him definitely ascending and he has a lot of good ball ahead of him."

First of all, happy birthday and what's your expectation for and timeline for DL Javon Kinlaw in camp?

"Javon is on his plan with our staff, with our performance staff and we'll ramp him up and he'll be where he needs to be when that time comes for Javon."

What are your early impressions of S Talanoa Hufanga? He had a nice pass breakup today.

"Yeah, Huf is doing a great job. He's being more vocal, which is what I asked of him. Be more vocal, be more in that leadership role. At the safety position, we ask a lot of those guys. We ask them to communicate a lot, so Huf, he's picking that up and he's doing a much better job of it. And he's always been a playmaker and an exciting guy to watch, so he's doing that and communicating. So he's headed in the right direction for us."

You guys were excited about DL Drake Jackson in the spring. Have you seen that carry over now that you can see him in team drills?

"Yeah, it's still the first time that we are actually going through these team drills, where these guys can understand how we practice. So a rookie like Drake, he's coming along. Again, it's a lot of work that he has to put in to get where we need him to be. He's coming along, he's doing a good job, doing everything we ask him, so I'm happy with where he is now. And again, I'm excited to see where he'll grow as we continue to go. We put the pads on, that's when you can see D-Linemen truly show up, when the pads come on."

As you're evaluating some of the new guys and some of the younger guys, is it hard not to just watch DL Nick Bosa and just admire what he's doing out there?

"It's hard not to. He's one of the best I've ever seen. Just the way he works and the way he shows up and makes plays, he makes it look easy. And I know it's not easy. There's a lot of work that goes in, day after day after day of hard work and effort that he puts in. You see the fruit of his labor when he's not away. When he's away from here, you see the fruit. He shows up, he's going to be ready to go. It's one guy you don't have to be concerned with. Bosa is going to show up, he's going to be a big-time playmaker for us. One of the best D-Ends in his league. And again, I'm happy for him because he's coming in this year, he's not worried about rehabbing an injury. He's worried about getting better as a football player. Nothing to worry about but getting better as a football player, so it's exciting to see where he's going go."

Just for confirmation was today a rest day indeed for DL Arik Armstead?

"That question will be handled by Kyle."

QB Trey Lance

How've the first couple days of camp gone for you, when you yesterday, when you looked at the film, what do you see? And, and today, what do you expect to see?

"Yeah, they've been awesome. We definitely had a better day today, I thought. I mean, more reps, more volume, guys I thought were ready to go, flying around. Defense was fast, receivers were fast. But yeah, it's been a ton of fun these last couple days. Yesterday I thought we had a good day. Today we turned the ball over too much. But yeah, I mean, I thought it was a good day overall."

So can you explain that a little, like you guys did turn the ball over, so why do you think it was a good day for you guys?

"I mean, we're going one day at a time, just trying to get better every single day. We know that our defense is really good, but I mean, three turnovers, one turnover is, is too many. But just because we have one turnover, I thought we turned the page really well. I thought the next few reps, for all of us, after our turnovers we turned it around really quick, which I think is, is a bigger part than not throwing picks at all."

The challenge of going against DB Charvarius Ward most of the time, all the time when you're out there, what's he like? And has he kind of shown off that press coverage that attracted him to this team?

"Yeah, Mooney is super talented. And he knows it, man. I mean the way he carries himself around the locker room, a natural leader, just a guy that the guys gravitate towards for sure. And on the field, obviously, you know, you can see what he does. I think we have a really talented receiver group, so it's a great challenge for them. It's all good. And we're excited to get JV [CB Jason Verrett] back too, hopefully soon in these next few weeks. So, I don't know. I didn't mean to say these next few weeks. I honestly have no idea what his timeline is right now. But he's a good friend of mine, so I'm excited. I'm excited that he's coming back and excited him to get him back out there also."

All offseason, we knew that you were going to be the guy and I'm sure you knew when head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear now publicly, this is your team, the team is ready for you. Does that make a difference for you just to start camp with it known publicly, known privately, you know, your teammates talking about it, that you, this is your offense and your team?

"I mean, honestly, the only difference is I was hoping you guys would stop asking about it all the time. But no, for me it wasn't really like a moment or anything like that. I mean, I've been excited. I've been prepared. I thought, you know, preparing to play since, since the day I got here, the day I got drafted. So, I'm obviously excited for this year. But like you said, nothing's really changed this whole off season."

I would imagine that a lot of people have asked you, you know, what's going on, did you get a lot of feedback on, what day was it, Tuesday when Kyle made it official? Did a lot of people reach out to you?

"You guys post on social media and, and the press conferences and everything like that, that really didn't know anything that had been going on, you know, in our building. But no, nothing too crazy. There wasn't really a "aha" moment or anything like that."

WR Brandon Aiyuk said yesterday that the first time you guys trained together, that you thought he was giving you dirty looks, can you expand upon that and then just kind of talk about your training this off season and how that's helping you guys on the field?

"Yeah, I mean, [WR] Brandon [Aiyuk] had a great off season. I thought this year we got to spend a lot of time together. You know, this spring and especially this summer between OTAs and camp now, I got to get to know him better, which helped me out a lot. And also a few of the other receivers as well. Yeah, the first time we trained, I don't know if you know anything about Brandon, he doesn't talk a lot. So, the first couple times we worked out together he didn't talk to me at all. Like right after I got drafted, he said what's up to me and we went to work. But I kind of just learned really quickly that's kind of how he carries himself. He's about his work. He's about business when he is on the field. And even when he is not but yeah, we've gotten really close this offseason and I'm super excited for him this year."

Kyle mentioned that you guys ran up a hill together, some kind of suicide hill, he said. Whose idea was that and how difficult was that?

"It was pretty difficult. Me and [WR Brandon Aiyuk] BA ran up it. We had heard about it a few times from John and Kyle and some of those guys that stayed down in SoCal in the offseason. So yeah, we definitely had to go out there. It was tough. It was tough, toughest hill I've ever ran up for sure."

How did Lynch do?

"No comment. He's a monster. I will say that."

Is this the San Diego area or Orange County?

"San Diego area."

There were a couple times Kyle was definitely talking to you after some throws or some decisions. How much back and forth is there? Is he coaching you pretty hard?

"On the field it's hard because you know, we try to keep the tempo of practice going. So, we don't talk a whole lot, but maybe a quick comment, I'm asking him what he thought about it or if he saw something different. If you see behind, he goes through the play with us. So, he's always pointing to where he would've gone with the ball. Even if he couldn't have made the throw, but it's fun and it helps me out a lot, him standing right behind always and he sees every single play and knows where he would've gone with the ball. But most of it'll go down in the meeting room this afternoon."

On some of those broken plays, does he encourage you to run it or is he saying hold on and keep looking down the field?

"Neither, honestly, just playing ball."

Trey, can you kind of describe just the dynamic that you're going to have with WR Deebo Samuel once he gets back on the field and what he's missing or what he's missed this off season with you?

"Yeah, I'm just excited to get him back. It's good to have him out there at practice, have him in the meeting rooms so we can still be on the same page. I know he's gotten his body back in shape so he's in a great spot, but yeah, definitely excited to have him back out there on the practice field, whenever that is."

Trey, as you watch video of last year and yourself, what are the biggest improvements, adjustments you need, you think you need to make coming into this season?

"I mean last year, I was definitely in a different spot mentally, I would say. Just feeling a lot more confident this year, coming in, knowing what I'm doing, knowing the offense a lot better, knowing the guys a lot better. And having been around this organization, this coaching staff for a year. I think it'll be a great thing."

As you said, there was no got you moment, I'm the starter, but when you walked out yesterday with the helmet on, was there a sense of all right, the job's mine let's go to work?

"Honestly, nothing changed. Like I said, this whole off season's been pretty much the same. It's been my mentality, you know, this whole off season for sure. So yeah, nothing really changed for me."

You did get a new quarterbacks coach so can you, what's the interaction been like with Brian Griese?

"It's been awesome. I thought OTAs were super important. Just him having coached, him having played, us just spending as much time together as possible has been awesome, him and [assistant quarterbacks coach] Klay Kubiak. We got to spend a little bit more time with Klay last year, he ran, helped run the scout team, he was on the defensive side of the ball. But yeah, it's been awesome. I mean we see the game the same, all three of us, and also having [QB] Nate [Sudfeld] and [QB] Brock [Purdy] in the room has been a ton of help for me as well, and those guys can play. Brock made a big time throw today."

Nate helped you out a lot last year, can you give us some examples of why he was such a good mentor?

"He's been, I think he's year, year seven, don't quote me on it, I think he's in year seven so, he's been in different offenses, different situations. I know he loves it here and I love having him here. I was definitely hoping that we would be able to keep him because he could easily be playing somewhere else. So, I'm super excited for him to, just to be in the room. He's a good friend of mine off the field as well."

Have you come across QB Jimmy Garoppolo the last couple days around here?

"Yeah, I said what's up to Jimmy yesterday, he was in here and Tuesday for his physical. So yeah, I mean it's, it is what it is. It's nothing weird at all. Like I said, I've never had anything I could possibly say that's bad about Jimmy. I mean, he's been a big bro to me since the day I came in. He could have made things hell for me honestly, last year. He didn't, he helped me out with everything. So I'm super excited to see him healthy, super excited to see him throwing again and super excited to see what he does."

To be the team leader, obviously, a lot of people liked the way Jimmy was a team leader. Is there anything you can take from him as you try to get this team and be one of the team leaders?

"I mean everything, yeah, he was a great leader on this team. He handled himself the right way, the way he went about his business. He was locked in every single day. Just, just a true professional."

I know don't always love talking details about their delivery, but is your delivery a little tighter you think this the season?

"I'll let you guys decide."

Did you work on that?

"I threw a lot of footballs this off season, I'll say that"

After working out with Aiyuk all summer, who's faster between you two? And then speaking to speed, what are your early impressions of WR Danny Gray?

"Between me and Brandon? Brandon's faster than me. I ain't going to hate. But yeah, no, Danny's obviously super special. His speed is one thing that separates him. He's going to continue to learn the offense, continue to get more comfortable. But yeah, we're super excited to have him here. We got a few guys, [WR] Marcus [Johnson], [WR] Malik [Turner], Brandon, [WR] Jauan [Jennings] even, a few guys that can go. So, I'm super excited for this year."

QB Nate Sudfeld

In the early part of the offseason, what was that like for you? At what point were you certain that you were coming back here?

"Yeah, it was pretty fluid this offseason. Obviously, a big emotional season, how it ended and everything, but I knew if the opportunity came for me to come back I was definitely very interested to come back. Yeah, last year I really felt like I learned a lot and really enjoyed this organization, the coaches, the players, the locker room, so I knew if an opportunity to come back opened up, I was very interested to come back."

What was that dynamic like for you? You're not an old guy by any stretch, but kind of being the mentor for Trey and somebody who, this year would be kind of the guy that would be behind him and helping bring him along?

"Yeah. I just tried to not look too far ahead when I signed here last year, I just wanted to learn the system and help where I could. And yeah, I was just blown away by Trey when I first got in. Obviously as a player, you guys all see his talent and I'm sure you've gotten to know him pretty well. I was blown away with who he is as a man. So he made it really easy for me and fortunately, I've been around the NFL a little bit and I've seen a lot of football. And so, I was able to give some advice here and there where I felt like I could, but I didn't try to over overload him or give him pointers on everything. Just in moments where he would reach out or ask me, he was just such a humble, hardworking guy who just wanted to get better. So it just inspired me to-- I learned a lot from him, but then he would just ask and we just developed a really cool, genuine relationship and friendship. So yeah, I was really thankful for that last year."

He's been very complimentary about the fact that you offered some tutelage, not necessarily about football, but about how the NFL works. Maybe like, I think he even said the business aspect of the sport. What were some of the things that you kind of advised them on and helped tutor him on in that regard?

"Yeah, obviously playing quarterback in this league as a starter, backup, third-string, whatever, there's a lot on you, whether it's on the field, off the field, everything. So I just kind of drew on some of my experience, things that I've been around, guys I've learned from. I've been very fortunate to learn from some amazing quarterbacks. [Minnesota Vikings QB] Kirk Cousins was great to me when I got drafted and then [Washington Commanders QB] Carson Wentz, [Indianapolis Colts QB] Nick Foles, we all had some great relationships, so I was able to pick the brains of those guys. I had a lot of guys who really mentored me when I was young, so it was never a question I was always going to return the favor if a young player ever had questions. But yeah, a lot of things with Trey, he would just ask about routine. How to take care of your body, how to properly study during the week, just because I've done a lot of seasons. I've prepared, done the weekly preparation all season my first six years in the league. So just little things like that, but nothing too earth shattering, just a lot of relationship, friendship building and then little pointers here and there."

What kind of growth have you seen from him since then and how he's taken that advice and implemented it?

"Yeah, he's growing really well, I'm very excited for him. He has such a growth-mindset, which is kind of a term these days of, he just wants to be better every day and it's a true, genuine approach to want to get better. He's also super confident, but in such a humble way. Yeah, I've just seen him grow into his own, understand in what areas he wants to get better and understand areas that are his strengths. And then just let his personality show a little bit more as he's been around, been here longer and his teammates really feel that and see that."

You're a somewhat local guy, grew up in Modesto, started at Modesto Christian High. What does it mean to be back here another year playing what a hundred miles from where you grew up from?

"Yeah, fun fact, so I was actually born in Santa Clara at the Kaiser Hospital. Yeah, some weird trivia. Didn't live here, lived in San Jose until I was about four, three or four and then moved to Modesto, which is really where I grew up. Yeah, I grew up a Niner fan for sure, so ever since I went off to college, I was always in the East Coast Time Zone, so I didn't even know what it was like to be on the West Coast Time Zone, let alone somewhere closer to home. So it was pretty special last year, just being closer to home, being near family and yeah, you just can't make it up. It's just how opportunities happen, but it's definitely, having some high school friends or people I grew up near reaching out, it's pretty cool sometimes. I'm like, yeah, you know I'm just up the road now. Crazy how it kind of comes full circle sometimes."

Who was your favorite 49er growing up?

"Man, I could go down a list. Obviously, [Hall of Fame QB] Joe Montana, I was pretty young, but he was obviously who he is, Joe Cool. But as I started watching football a little bit more, what I can remember, [Hall of Fame QB] Steve Young, obviously I loved him. I have a couple pictures of myself as a little kid wearing-- I'd paint like number eight on a white shirt. I eventually did get a Steve Young Jersey, which was really cool. And then [Hall of Fame WR] Jerry Rice was the man. But we actually were family friends, my older brothers played soccer with [Former 49ers TE] Brent Jones's daughter, and so Brent Jones was a family favorite also."

Is there anything you did differently this offseason or maybe emphasized knowing given the situation you're one snap away from being on the field?

"Every year I've been in the league, I've tried to approach it slightly different, just tried to fine tune my approach, but I've always tried to approach as if I'm playing a full season. Little areas I wanted to improve on whether it's footwork things, how I process the game, how I study the game, how I take care of my body; every year is just a little bit different and fine tuning, but nothing too crazy different. I just kind of hit the ground running pretty much after the season every time because I just want to be a better version of myself the next year. I always believe if I can just get a little bit better for the next year, I'll be even more prepared if an opportunity comes and my name is called upon, so yeah, nothing too crazy different. Just got to work right away."

You've probably seen a lot of younger quarterbacks coming into the league. How is Trey as far as the processing part of it, going through the progressions and just the mental speed he does it?

"Yeah, Trey's really impressive. He's got a lot of cognitive abilities; his processing power is really great. He can picture things really well, understanding and then the humility to ask questions. If there are things you don't understand because you only know what you know, and then you don't know what you don't know, so ask the questions and to work on things and not be afraid to say, 'Hey, I'm not sure about this look,' or whatever. Just that approach he has, I think is going to just pay dividends for him down the road. As he keeps doing that, because as you guys know, it's a very hard position, but yeah I'm very excited. He has all the physical and mental tools to be a really great quarterback in this league."

The way the 2020 season ended, with all that controversy and your name was in the middle of it. What did that teach you about the league? How did you handle that situation and in your role as a backup quarterback, how do you approach that from keeping yourself prepared, ready to play, but at the same time, knowing that you're also there to help the guys in front of you?

"Yeah, this league, I think everybody at any position is going to face adversity points. And that doesn't define you, it's how you respond from those and seeing where you could change your process, how you can get better and sometimes stuff happens in this league and you just can't lose your confidence. You have to trust your process and you have to fine tune your process and continue to get better. But yeah man, I was very excited after I had some great years in Philadelphia to get a new opportunity to come here, learn a new system, be with a coaching staff I've always admired. I've always really admired [Head Coach] Kyle [Shanahan] since I was drafted in Washington and knew Kirk Cousins. I'd always ask Kirk about Kyle and yeah, so I was just really excited about a new opportunity to dive into a new offense and just see how well I could grasp it, how well I could play in it and just continue to improve as a player. I just love the sport. I love the comradery in the locker room. I love playing the position and yeah, I've just enjoyed the process of being in San Francisco."

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