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49ers Weekly Recap: Mohammed Sanu and Trey Lance impress, Bobby Turner awarded, and more

Jun 19, 2021 at 1:15 PM--

Here's your recap of the top San Francisco 49ers-related stories from the past week.

Mohammed Sanu

Earlier this week, Mohammed Sanu received praise from multiple coaches about his performance during the team's offseason program. Head coach Kyle Shanahan and offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel highlighted his play, paving the path for an interesting competition for that third wideout spot behind Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk.

"It was very exciting to see him perform. He was doing very well. And, if he comes back to training camp in that same shape, he's going to be a guy that is going to be tough to beat out for that final 53 (man) roster."
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Sanu was also seen working out with rookie quarterback Trey Lance during the team's offseason break this week in preparation for training camp, which starts in July.
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Trey Lance

Rookie quarterback Trey Lance was another highlight in the media this week. He was seen working out with Sanu during the week while getting some much-needed reps to practice the skills he learned during the team's OTAs.

Mike McDaniel wanted to give the quarterback a baseline to work with before training camp, during which most of Lance's arsenal will be tapped into.

"Really preparing him for his 40 days off where he can work on his own and preparing him to compete in training camp."

In fact, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler explained the 49ers plan for Lance on SportsCenter this morning.

"I'm told San Fran spent much of the OTAs and minicamp working on Trey Lance's mechanics, making sure things were compact," Fowler said. "And the reason is they wanted to get that down so that in training camp they can unleash the full arsenal. They can show him off as a runner. They don't want to put him in harm's way and have him take too many hits. But they love the dimension he can bring to (head coach) Kyle Shanahan's attack because they couldn't do it with Jimmy Garoppolo. They could do it with Lance as a runner and a passer."

Lance was also seen working out with former Duke wide receiver T.J. Rahming and Gardner-Webb wideout Justin Franklin during the week. Despite having a break before training camp, Lance is not taking any breaks and has continued to put in the work.
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Lance's offseason work has certainly caught the eye of one 49er teammate: tight end George Kittle.

"I think Trey, he has all the attributes to be a very good, very special quarterback," Kittle said. "He's a freak athlete. I think, really, one of my favorite things about him right now, just as a rookie, is that he takes risks. He doesn't complete all the passes that he throws, but he's trying to fit into those small windows, and he's just trying to throw it as hard as he can to get it to that wide receiver, going for him in that second window. And I think that's really fun, just to see a guy take risks, especially when he just turned 21 years old and now just buy me some Bud Light, finally. But it is what it is."
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Bobby Turner

On Monday, 49ers running backs coach Bobby Turner received the 2021 Paul "Dr. Z" Zimmerman Award alongside Raiders defensive line coach Rod Marinelli. The award, handed out by the Pro Football Writers of America, is given for lifetime achievement as an assistant coach in the NFL and named after Zimmerman, who covered the NFL for 29 years for Sports Illustrated.

After receiving the award, Turner received praise from both Kittle and running back Raheem Mostert on Twitter as they displayed their happiness for the longtime NFL assistant.
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George Kittle

This week, George Kittle joined Good Morning Football and expressed his confidence that the 49ers would return to form this upcoming season.

"I don't know if you guys saw this, but Nick Bosa is coming back, and we re-signed Trent Williams," Kittle explained. "So those two guys are pretty good at football, from what I remember. They're pretty decent. And on the opposite side of Nick Bosa, you've got Dee Ford, you've got Arik Armstead."

"It was shown in the Super Bowl, if you can't move the ball against the defense, you can't put up points, and defense wins championships. At the end of the day, like I said, we signed Trent Williams back, we've got [Raheem Mostert], the surfer, back in the backfield, and we've got some decent wide receivers."

Kittle seemed rejoiced about the new, but not-so-new look 49ers and felt that both the offensive and defensive groups would be strong for the team.
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Personnel Changes

On Monday, the 49ers announced several changes to their personnel department, many of which were promotions.
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Tune in next week for the 49ers weekly recap.

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