The San Francisco 49ers boasted the No. 2 rushing offense and the No. 2 scoring offense last season, both of which were second only to the Baltimore Ravens. Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks of NFL Network believe the 49ers offense has the potential to be even more dangerous in 2020, thanks to a strong offseason.

"Bringing in Brandon Aiyuk in the draft, you're going to see him plug into that system," Jeremiah explained. "You're going to see Deebo Samuel continue to take that next step. They're going to get healthier. You're looking at bringing back a guy like Jalen Hurd. So they're going to have some weapons.

"You saw how they used Deebo Samuel in some of the run game concepts. We saw it in the Super Bowl, how big of an influence he was in that game."

While the offense averaged nearly 30 points and over 144 rushing yards per game, it averaged 237 passing yards per contest, which ranked No. 13 in the league.

"You know the defense is going to be there. You know the defense is going to be outstanding for the 49ers, but I think this offense has a chance to take it to another level with Kyle Shanahan getting a chance to play with some new weapons he has there with the 49ers, Buck."

Brooks agreed with his Move the Sticks co-host.

"Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel, what makes them unique, they're basically like running backs on the perimeter," Brooks added. "When you give those guys the ball on the open field, they run through tackles. They have a level of toughness and physicality that will only enhance what the 49ers do in the run game.

"This offense is already pretty good. It could be great next season with the addition of Aiyuk teaming up with Deebo Samuel."

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