San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle thinks very highly of his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. After all, the signal-caller helped him earn his second consecutive 1,000-plus-yard season, a first-team All-Pro nod, and, most importantly, a trip to Miami for Super Bowl LIV.

Kittle will go on and on about Garoppolo's good looks too, if you give him the opportunity. There is one area where the tight end can't praise his quarterback.

Garoppolo, apparently, is a horrible texter.

"He is the worst texter of all time," Kittle told a reporters during Super Bowl LIV Opening Night at Marlins Park in Miami when asked to identify one of Garoppolo's flaws. "I'm telling you, he leaves me unread all the time. I'll be, 'Hey Jimmy, I've got a question. Maybe on this play, should I run my route like this?' No response. 'Jimmy, want to go to a movie?' No response.

"And then the next day he's like, 'Yeah, I got your text. I just didn't respond.' Thanks Jim. That's awesome. So yeah, he's a bad texter. Bad communication."

Nobody's perfect, I guess.