It's always good to hear a talented offensive player say how difficult it is to go against the San Francisco 49ers defensive line, even if it's another Niner.

New 49ers running back Tevin Coleman was asked about the team's beefed-up defensive line and what it is like going against it.

"Pshhh," he responded while looking away as if haunted by visions of DeForest Buckner coming right for him.

He wouldn't be alone if the thought of going against Buckner disturbed him. The Pro Bowl defensive tackle has been clogging up the middle for three NFL seasons. Two other first-round draft picks, Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas, sit in the same defensive line room.

Then the team went out this offseason and acquired pass rushers Dee Ford and Nick Bosa. The defensive front is expected to be much improved over recent years.

Coleman continued, "Man, they're cold. They're real good. All the guys, they're deep back there, and they're damn near all first-rounders. It's going to be tough just in practice. Those guys are good.

"It's tough to see holes right now and get (to) those holes because those guys are so good. It just takes more practice."

Matt Breida is entering his third season with the 49ers. He too is impressed by the bolstered defensive front.

"It's hard to even run the ball," Breida told reporters. "That just gets us excited because you know how good the defense can be this year. Not only that, but it's going to make our offensive line, and just us better at running back, learning how to go against good teams like that. I'm excited. I can't wait to see our defense this year."

Coleman was asked if it is difficult trying to get to the outside against a defensive front which will feature more Wide-9, which has the edge players lining up further away from the offensive tackles.

"Definitely," he responded. "Those guys, they're going to set the edge. They're not going to let anything go outside."

Added Breida, "Any time against the Wide-9, I hope we don't get outside or else we've got the wrong guy there, but they're doing a great job. Like I said, I feel like we're going to have one of the best D-lines in the league this year, and just the defense overall. We've got a great defense."