It's easy for fans to hit the panic button on a derailed season. The San Francisco 49ers' 2018 campaign isn't going as planned after the team lost its starting running back, Jerick McKinnon, and then its franchise quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

Several more injuries have decimated the roster but were expectations too high to begin with? Adam Schefter of ESPN believes so. He joined KNBR on Thursday morning and said he believes, despite the lost season, the 49ers' rebuild is still on track. The team is exactly where he thought it would be this season — in year two of a massive overhaul.

"I still believe that the team is absolutely on track, that they have roster space, they have a lot of flexibility, they've got some talent," Schefter said on the "Murph & Mac" show. "No, they're not where they want to be, and they knew they were not where they want to be. So, to me, it's interesting that people are finally figuring out, 'Oh boy, there's some roster holes.' Yeah, there was. There were a lot when they came in. A lot. And it's going to take some time to repair and rebuild everything, and they're continuing to do that, and I believe they're on track. If they can stay healthy, they'll be where they want to be."

Whenever a big-name player becomes available, fans clamor for the 49ers to make an aggressive move. It happened when former Oakland Raiders pass rusher, a significant need on San Francisco's roster, Khalil Mack became available and then later when former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was on the trading block.

The 49ers had some level of interest in each player. They admitted to being aggressive in the pursuit of Mack, who Oakland eventually traded to the Chicago Bears. San Francisco inquired about Gordon, who was traded to the New England Patriots, but were less aggressive in the process. Much of that likely had to do with head coach Kyle Shanahan's familiarity with the receiver.

Are John Lynch and the 49ers not aggressive enough in acquiring talent? Schefter doesn't see it that way.

"They've made plays for every one of these players," Schefter said. "They've made plays for every one of them. I think that the Raiders just found an offer that they couldn't turn down. But the Niners, I believe they were a finalist for Khalil Mack.

"And on Josh Gordon, Kyle knows him from his time together in Cleveland, and they had some interest, but in the end, ultimately, they decided it was better off to not go that route for whatever reason.

"Every one of these players that you talked about, they've been involved in, and in on, and on to a certain spot. They have done what they believe was the best for their team."

As for players like wide receiver Dez Bryant and running back Le'Veon Bell, Schefter believes it is just too late in the season for either player to be a viable option. Bryant is a free agent but Bell, who continues to hold out on the Pittsburgh Steelers, would require giving up a valuable draft pick — maybe more.

Schefter can't imagine the 49ers going after Bell because he would be a short-term rental who could be leaving the team after this year. With the way the season is already unfolding, trying to acquire the running back right now doesn't make much sense.

As for Bryant, Schefter doesn't believe the receiver can come in this late into the season and make a significant impact.

"That's not happening," said Schefter. "It's just not practical. It's a great name who's accomplished a lot in his career, but he's not going to have any kind of impact on the Niners' season even if they did want to sign him now."

Then you have Nick Foles. Schefter reported after the injury to starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo that some within the league hoped the 49ers would trade for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

San Francisco was scheduled to play in five prime-time games at the time. That number has since been reduced to four after the October 21 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams was flexed out of its Sunday night timeslot. Schefter fully expects the 49ers' December 2 matchup against the Seattle Seahawks to receive the same treatment.

Foles at quarterback would have more appeal than C.J. Beathard when it comes to television ratings. Schefter believes the reasoning behind not making a move for someone like Foles is similar to what he said about Bryant. It's just too late in the season. A new quarterback would need at least a few weeks to learn the playbook. With someone like Foles not being able to step in right away, it is unlikely he would be able to save the 49ers' season either.

Then there is the issue of trading a draft pick for a player who will serve as Jimmy Garoppolo's backup next season because the injured quarterback is expected to be ready by training camp.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Schefter below.