San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin feels really bad for rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey. As was evident during a Monday morning interview on KNBR, veteran Joe Staley loves to mess with the younger tackle. Staley calls McGlinchey his little brother and they act as you would expect from siblings.

"(Those two are) out of control," Goodwin said during his own KNBR interview on the Murph & Mac show. "That's every single day, all day. If you all watch closely at practice, just watch McGlinchey and Joe Staley, those guys definitely bring a lot of energy to this team."

They may bring a lot of energy, but McGlinchey is sure receiving the younger-brother treatment from Staley. Goodwin was asked if he ever feels sorry for the rookie.

"Oh, 100-percent," Goodwin said exuberantly. "It's terrible! He has to go through this every single day, all day."

Goodwin and the veteran receivers don't really mess with their own rookie within the group – Dante Pettis. Goodwin had nothing but wonderful things to say about Pettis.

"He's a great young man transitioning from college to the professional level now," Goodwin said. "His skills have been unmatched this offseason. He's definitely grown as a receiver since he's been here, grown as a player, and a person. I know he'll bring a lot of great vibes and a lot of great plays to this team.

"I just look forward to him this year because I just see what he does on the field and it's not like anything that's been in this organization before, I don't think. The way he moves, the way he carries himself."

That is indeed high praise considering the receivers who have been in San Francisco. It just goes to show how impressed Pettis' teammates have been with the young player entering his first NFL season.

Goodwin went on to share what he finds unique about Pettis.

"His movements off the line," he said. "You see how he gets off the line. It's not like [Pierre Garçon], not like myself, not like anybody else. How he gets open, how he catches the ball, and his elusiveness. He's kind of loose with his body and so the way he moves, everything about him. 'Crazy legs.' If you're looking at them legs, you're going to get cross-eyed."

You can listen to the entire interview with Goodwin below.

Pettis also joined KNBR earlier Monday morning. You can listen to his interview below.