The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their second practice of training camp Saturday. Head coach Kyle Shanahan gave four important player updates to note.

The San Fransisco 49ers officially have two practices in the books for training camp 2017. On Saturday, USA Today's Rob Lowder took note of an offense that improved over day one's session.

49ers new head coach Kyle Shanahan went in a different direction though, taking questions from various media outlets. Here are his four most notable updates:

No. 1- DE/DT Solomon Thomas

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The third overall pick signed his four-year contract yesterday but made his full-on 49ers training camp debut today. Shanahan seemed relieved when asked about his thoughts on Solomon Thomas, saying:

"It was just good to get him out there. We wanted him to go a little yesterday and he came but he missed stretch and individuals, so we weren't going to throw him out there without going through that process. He was a part of our walk-through yesterday afternoon and we got him out there full-go today. I know he was jacked to do that finally with all the other guys. I really won't know exactly how he did until I get in and watch the tape. If he would have done real bad I would have probably noticed out there, so or if he would have been real dominate I would have noticed. I think he did a pretty good job. I'll probably tell you tomorrow after I watch the tape."

Thomas ran practice with the second-team unit.

No. 2- DE Elvis Dumervil

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The 49ers added defensive end Elvis Dumervil in free agency this off season. Dumervil brings an important veteran presence to a very young, albeit talented defensive line. His previous play for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens speaks for itself and Dumervil is one of the hotter topics surrounding the team right now as camp opens. Here is Shanahan's practice take:

"I mean, Elvis is a guy that I've seen over the years. We've gotten two practices. We don't have pads on. Elvis has got a lot of length. He comes off the ball hard. He's a pro. He works hard every single play. I've never worked with him before. I know a lot of people who have. I've gone against him a number of times and he's exactly as advertised."

Lowder also took note of this tweeting it out shortly after practice:

Dumervil is expected to be a huge part of the 49ers sub-packages in the nickle this season, as a third down edge-rusher.

No.3- WR Marquise Goodwin

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Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin signed a two-year $6 million contract with the 49ers to be Shanahan's speed receiver, similar to Taylor Gabriel for the Atlanta Falcons last season. Shanahan addressed this and other facets of Goodwin's game during today's presser:

"Yeah, speed is one of the best things in this game if you have it. Speed scares everyone. When you have that speed to scare people, which not many people in this league do because a lot of people can run, but when you have elite speed like Marquise does, people are going to back up. And, Marquise can breakdown pretty good, but when you run like he does you don't have to breakdown as good as someone who doesn't scare people. But, if you're scaring people and they're making sure they're going to defend that go route, then it makes it a little bit easier to get some completions underneath. Now, you've got to have a guy who has hands still and who can breakdown. If you do that enough, now they have to back up and you know they can't run with him. So, it kind of opens up everything for everyone else too."

Goodwin should be valuable and will either be the no. 2 or no. 3 receiver. Either way, expect to see Goodwin receive a lot of playing time in the offense.

No. 4- CB Rashard Robinson

Jeff Chiu-AP

Cornerback Rashard Robinson was drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 drafted. After extensive playing time as a rookie, Robinson is looking more like a no. 1 corner, according to Lowder.

Robinson participated in a sled drill with the cornerbacks and Lowder caught a glimpse into the action.

The drill was run by defensive backs coach Jeff Hafley. In the video, you can hear Hafley say:

"I wanna see you keep your feet moving!"

Robinson comes highly regarded after today, according to Cam Inman, as he was able to keep up with the aforementioned Goodwin on a deep pass.

Robinson and Goodwin have been competing since the 49ers game against the Buffalo Bills last season. So what does Shanahan think of Robinson? Lowder tweeted this out shortly after practice:

Shanahan also said:

"I just like that he's himself. I think that's who Rashard is. I just want people to be themselves. He acts the same way on the practice field as he does when I see him. He's always talking. He's got a smile on his face. He likes to mess with you. We like to mess with him back. I like that he's a confident guy who's not scared to be himself. Someone's talking a lot and that's not who they are, they're putting on a show, everyone can see through that and those are the guys who will irritate you. I think Rashard's been that since the day he was born and will probably be that until the day he dies and I respect him for it."

Robinson is expected to be the 49ers no. 1 cornerback this season.

You can view Shanahan's full presser below.

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