The San Francisco 49ers held their "2017 State of the Franchise" event on Wednesday night in front of an audience of season ticket holders. Those in attendance had the pleasure of hearing from numerous representatives from management, front office, and the coaching staff. Also taking part were a number of 49ers players. The event ended with a conversation with two of the team's most seasoned veterans in offensive tackle Joe Staley and linebacker NaVorro Bowman.

Staley shared a humorous story from earlier in the day of him punching Bowman in the face. As a result of being named the team's offseason program best athlete this year, the strength and conditioning staff created a large cardboard cutout of Staley and placed it in the locker room. Bowman punched the cardboard cutout. "I'm sick of seeing his fat face," Bowman said according to Staley. "I hate Joe."

Staley responded by saying, "You punched the cardboard cutout? I'm going to punch you in the face for real."

The offensive lineman then pretended to go in and punch Bowman in the face without the intent of actually hitting him and the 49ers linebacker leaned in and connected with Staley's fist.

"Joe said, 'Relax Bo, relax. Please don't hit me,'" Bowman said.

"I got real scared," Staley added.

You can watch Staley tell the entire story below.