Frank Gore must have been confident that the San Francisco 49ers would beat out the Miami Dolphins. Via Sacramento Bee reporter Matt Barrows , this is the hoodie Gore wore after the game. It was a bold choice because Gore had to be assured of the result when he bought the hoodie and when he packed it to wear after the game. Did he pack a backup? Because he would have looked really silly if the 49ers lost. But they didn't. The 49ers won 27-13. Gore had 85 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. Aldon Smith added two sacks to his monster season. San Francisco got the win, and Gore's sweatshirt choice was downright clairvoyant. NFL video on Yahoo! Sports: Other popular content on the Yahoo! network: • Juan Manuel Marquez lands crushing right, KOs Manny Pacquiao | Photos • Top five spots where Michael Vick could play in 2013 • Stephen Jackson has no regrets about 'Malice at the Palace' • Y! Shine slideshow: Cringe-worthy holiday photos