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The Official 2013-14 Golden State Warriors Thread

Think Blake is happy he was traded now ?

DAMN the lakers are AWFUL
Jermaine O'Neil is just all class. Love the way he is playing and how he handles himself off the court.
Missed another game but it looks like we are rollin!!
No Klay, no problem. Hopefully that back heals up for Sunday. Gonna be a tough one.
Uncle JO swimming in the fountain of youth ! Love that guy!
Warriors are so explosive!
That half-court trap has really slowed their offense down. Keep it up!
Splash brothers overkill
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Splash brothers overkill

That and the ball movement has been superb. They've been able to slice and dice all the way to the basket at will. Dubs offense is downright lethal when they're executing like this.
Well that was a fun quarter.

Finish this one off now!
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I didn't know they blacked out Ws games in sac
Good game so far. We are in a roll after the ASG
Don't like the way we're squatting on the lead. Completely sapped the energy out of our offense.
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Dubs are trying to tank the game away
Can we make f**king free throw?
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