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Stats don't accurately represent Niners Oline

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Agreed. Early in the season I though that Aikman was exaggerating when he compared this Oline favorably to his Dallas Oline (probably best ever). But now the comparison is obvious. Props to Aikman for seeing through stats for what Oline really is.

hold up....

let's all agree right now ....on a few facts

this might be the best line in the NFL

this is not NEAR the early 90s Dallas line....

its just not...

the 49ers gash teams..with missdirection....that Dallas line....over powered the other team 40 snaps a game....

I hope the 49er line gets there....but it is not yet in that league

I disagree. Our OL does straight up man blocking. We do run traps but even DAL did that. The DAL OL also had the benefit of having Michael Irvin, Jay Novacek, and Harper to keep the defense honest: we are just starting to see our passing game attack a defense and that alone is helping.

The biggest difference has been the QB decision-making. We are completing more deeper passes yet have decreased the sacks by a large percentage.

As for running the ball, I think Singletary made it obvious that you cannot be predictable no matter how strong your OL is. You don't remember Larry Allen pulling ahead into 2nd level for Emmitt Smith. DAL definitely used Allen's athleticism for misdirection. Norv Turner was all about setting up a defense.
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Ya, I don't buy that either. It's a good OL, but nothing amazing. Let's see how they do against Ngata.

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Originally posted by Joecool:

The biggest difference has been the QB decision-making.

Half and half, IMO. QB decisions and change in scheme. Pistol puts QB further back from DL and also freezes DEs.

Our line is bawse, though.
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