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Superbowl Parade

  • Axl49
  • Veteran
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IF we win and I hope we do in two weeks. Does anyone know when they do the parade I want to go or what days they usually do it on.
  • Jcool
  • Veteran
  • Posts: 12,337
Wow man don't f**king jinx this.
Cart before horse.
  • Axl49
  • Veteran
  • Posts: 1,351
lol ok sorry guys still too pumped about todays win.
The parade is in Santa Clara
There is no parade. were just the 1st loser unless we win in 2 weeks.
Will the Mods PLEASE lock this thread. Thank you
LOL. Yeah, while you're at it, can you guys tell me the dates for next year's SB parade so I can plan ahead.
I can't believe my eyes just read this
Lets win it first.
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