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Cowboy Has Partially Torn Tricep

It's ok. RJF will become Superbowl MVP.
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What happen to it being the elbow? f**king Harbaugh is such a liar.

Just glad I'd already learned his word is worthless, so I never got my hopes up about Cowboy coming back.

i don't get why people still take what he says to the media at face value.........................
The one player we absolutely couldn't afford to lose.

Fangio is definitely going to have to blitz more.
im optimistic to the end, i watched that beatdown in seattle to the last minute even though the game was over before our 2nd possesion an i know if any team can come back from this many injuries an perform just as well or better, an still make their goal its my 49ers. this team is the strongest in the league physically and mentally. but we need to be realistic . dobbs, manningham, hunter, williams, j smith. all gone. those arent backups or average players those are playmakers that made plays and affected every game. we didnt have them in seattle an we saw the affect of that. and thats just the for sure permanent injuries. that doesnt include everyone else that got injured v davis, haggans an i think even 1 more. i know this team can get to our ultimate goal still, but even when we had no injuries were stil in a really tough conference race goin up against the best teams in the league, the odds were already stacked against us an we basically lost half of our offense to the saints an seahawks D. an btw no coincedence there that all our season ending injuries to good offensive players came from the saints an seahawks defense... what are both those teams known for...ya if they dont play dirty then how did those injuries happen to come in those games and not others. after getting one play away from the bowl last year, this was our year this was our chance to pounce on what should have been ours last year. but someone please show me a team that has lost this much of their team late in the season an still made the bowl, cuz iv never seen it done before. wev just lost too many people an the odds are stacked against us even more than they already were before, i dont think a team cud pull off a SB or even a playoff run after all this..but then again i didnt think a team cud go from 6-10 to 13-3 an one possesion away from the SB in one year and we were the team that did it. so i hope im wrong
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I wouldn't say over just yet, but this isn't good news.

Ricky Jean has to pick up his play like there's no tomorrow. This is his chance to shine. I think his contract is up after this year and if he's looking for a big payday, then here is his golden opportunity. Play like a beast in the playoffs and lead the Niners to a Super Bowl win and that big payday will happen.

It's up to you Ricky Jean. It's up to you.
He's just not good enough. He can't pick his play up any more than it already is.
Maiocco: 49ers DT Justin Smith had bone spur attached to his triceps tendon that became detached in his left elbow. Still a chance he can play.
We really need this bye and if we can escape the divisoinal playoff, maybe he can make the NFCC.

Just makes this Super Bowl win more EPIC!!!!!
bring back Bryant Young
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Just makes this Super Bowl win more EPIC!!!!!

There we go! Yeah!

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we all knew it had to be something serious since it kept JS on the sidelines. But, of all the serious injuries, this is probably the best news possible. as long as its really isn't a complete tear, he should be able to play in the playoffs and be at least 75% of himself.
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This simply means the offense has to get better. Less trick plays and going with the bread and butter stuff with some deep passing sprinkled in. It's time to get serious about sustaining drives and maybe rotating in help for RJF. If they're running at Aldon, then it's time to scheme for that a bit better. Understand your weakness and try to limit it. The best thing the pass defense can do is have better technique. I'm so sick of our DBs looking at the receiver rather than try to play the ball. If you're looking at the receiver catch the ball, it's too late guys. Ed Donnatel, get your boys to turnaround!

Vic, I know you hate to do it, but you're simply going to have to blitz more and with some creativity. You're going to have to take some chances. You're already giving up big plays without Cowboy rushing 4 so get over it and risk bringing some creative heat.
I agree with this. The D w/o Justin is not as good. Time for Fangio to get a little creative.

What about moving RayMac over to the right side, with Aldon? RayMac is the next best DE, after Justin.

And they're gonna have to win the TOP--meaning that the O is gonna have to sustain some long drives, and run the ball more. IMHO.

Great point. RayMac may be more of a natural on the right side and Brooks is excellent at locking down the left edge so he can "cover up" the LDE. Even if Justin can play, maybe having him on the left side could be a benefit and really mess up the OL.

Partial tear is to tendon, no muscle. If he can play through the pain of the bone spur, he will be fine.
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bring back Bryant Young

Originally posted by mayo49:
What happen to it being the elbow? f**king Harbaugh is such a liar.



sign andy reid and vick
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