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Week 17: Tampa Bay upsets Atlanta. Falcons looking so far ahead that they rest Matt Ryan & Co. which allows T-Bay to creep back in the game.... This lackadaisical approach will be the Dirty Birds' downfall going forward.....

Chicago crushes Detroit at Ford Field and then head back on the team bus with their eyes firmly glued to the GB/MIN game.....

New York Giants lose pretty convincingly at home to the Eagles. This saves Andy Reid's job and puts Tom Coughlin's into question heading into 2013...

Minnesota beats Green Bay in the Metrodome finishing 7-1 at home, Adrian Peterson gets dinged a bit AND Aaron Rodgers get hurt, raising questions heading into the post-season....

We defeat Arizona comfortably in the end but Kap struggles for the first quarter and a half to move the ball, causing the Fox cameras to show multiple shots of Alex "warming up" on the sideline.....Dashon Goldson kills a Cardinal receiver again and gets flagged, fined and suspension questions swirl heading into the playoffs.

Dallas beats Washington in a nail biter and wins the NFC East despite another valiant effort from RG3 and Alfred Morris.

Seattle slaps up St. Louis at CenturyLink and get the #5 Seed. They score 40+ again and the entire galaxy hops on their jock...

Wild Card Weekend: Minnesota @ Green Bay - Packers don't lose this 3rd meeting at home in the Frozen Tundra. Aaron Rodgers doesn't play great but the Packers run game shows up and actually outplays the Vikings Adrian Peterson (who was a bit dinged up heading into the game anyway).....
Vikings have some good parts to work with but I'm not sold on their Head Coach or their QB....

Seattle @ Dallas - Although Seattle has been on a roll, the galaxy will soon realize that this Seahawks run is a total sham when they enter Cowboys Stadium and get lit up by Tony Romo who no doubt will be trying to ball out against his first ever playoff opponent.

Divisional Round: Green Bay @ San Francisco - We destroy the Pack by 20 like we should have in Week 1. Run and Pass all over that garbage D. Kaepernick explodes for 4 TDs. 1 on the ground, 3 through the air. Randy Moss and Crabtree ball out. Justin Smith at 60% plays well enough to help Aldon Smith break the sack record unofficially... Dashon Goldson knocks the snot out of James Jones legally yet gets flagged. He does a money gesture for Goddell then does his Hawk pose.

Dallas @ Atlanta - Tony Romo and the Cowgirls find a way to beat the cocky Falcons who will be snoozing at home. Now "America's Team" starts getting the bandwagon treatment the Seahawks did...but it won't mean anything the following week.

NFC Championship: Dallas @ San Francisco - A rematch of the classic 90s showdowns...Our D plays out of sync at first and allows Dallas to jump out to a quick 10-0 lead. We regroup, refit and reorganize bringing the score to 17-10 for us at halftime... Second half we get the ball and come out driving well but then stall near the Red Zone as usual... 20-10. Things are looking pretty good but the next drive, our D comes out sluggish, Murray scores from 15 yards out. Greg Roman Goes Gimmick and we go 3 & out. Romo then drives the ball easily down the field hitting Jason Witten for several big gains. With the ball at our 6, we manage to stop the fade attempt to Bryant, and the crossing pattern to Witten in the back of the endzone but on 3rd down, Dallas calls a gutsy bootleg. Romo runs it in for the TD....24-20 Cowpukes with about 10:00 in the 4th quarter. Kap and Crab connect for multiple 1st downs but a few penalties push us out of FG range and we stall.
On Dallas' ensuing possession, with about 4:00+ left, they opt to run the ball but Pat & Bo stuff em on consecutive downs. On 3rd & Long, Romo goes back to pass, sees nobody open so he tries to scramble for the yards right up the middle...Aldon chases Romo from behind and strips the ball like he did last year @ Arizona. We recover on Dallas' 35, 3 plays later Kap hits Crabtree for the game winner. Another late turnover by Tarell Brown and a big play by LaMike allow us to notch another FG to make the final 30-24.

SUPER BOWL: We save our best performance for the Final Dance. Gore runs for almost 200 and we let it roll, let it roll for a 41-18 drubbing of Peyton Manning. Alex Smith even plays the final 3 minutes. Everyone gets to kiss the ring. Lombardi #6 comes back to the Bay. Randy Moss and Crabtree embrace for the last time, as Moss hangs it up after getting his Ring. Aldon Smith and Anthony Davis rocking SB Champ hats on the sideline turn to the camera and start promising "We'll be back next year,!!".... Carlos Rogers sneaks in the picture to add "And the year AFTER!" .....Harbaugh becomes the first coach to dump Gatorade on his players instead of the other way around. Everybody hugs. Eddie D and Jed share a touching moment. My wife cries tears of joy. My sons run around screaming "Ninerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs" and I just sit quietly in my chair with my beer and blunt nodding because I KNEW this sh*t was gon happen!!!!
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With a healthy Justin Smith the skies the limit. His absence made a huge difference the last two games.

9ers need him to go all the way.......
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Originally posted by KEGster:
*If the Vikings lose, this will be one depressing place

No it won't. Expecting the Vikings to win is a long shot. All I care is if we win on Sunday and clinch the division. Go from there.

This is under the assumption that we win, GB wins, chicago, Redskins and seattle wins this weekend.

SF vs. Chicago - I like this matchup and think we win handily
SEA vs. Redskins - Seattle puts up a good fight, but RG3 shows Mr. 5'10" why a QB height is important.

SF vs. GB - I like the matchup, but think we struggle in cold Green Bay in December. I do not like this matchup, since GB seems to be hitting their stride right in time for the playoffs
Redskins vs. Atlanta - RG3 puts a good show on display again and drops a blowout on Atlanta. Atlanta creeps back near the end, but not enough to win the game.

GB vs. Redskins - GB closes the game by the end of the first half and rests some starters in the 4th quarter.

GB vs. Denver - Peyton Manning gets his second Super Bowl, takes some huge hits and decides to retire.
Based on the evidence of the season we are a w-w-l team, we beat az, win our first playoff game, and lose the next one.
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
First round loss and Harbaugh gets canned. Im really starting to doubt him as a Head Coach

WTF lmao. You guys are crazy. You overreact to single games soooooo hard. Just last week we beat the unbeatable Dec Patriots and all was good but then we lose and you're talking first round exits. You guys are nuts.
Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
Here is mine...

we lose to arizona and green bay gets the #2 seed while the Seahawks win the West, justin smith is out for the rest of the season.

everyone is counting us out...

Wildcard -- we go up to Washington and beat the Redskins by a hair...a 58 yd fg by Akers with no time left, 23-21.
Divisionals - we go up to Lambeau and beat the Pack on a Carlos Rogers pick for six, 25-18.
NFC championship - we go to Century Link, knock out the midget on the 1st play of the game, and battle the Hawks to OT where we lose the toss. Harbaws then surprises all and onside kicks of which we recover and Akers hit's the game winner from 50 yds out, we win 17-14.
SuperBowl - CK is sidelined by a hamstring pull and Alex Smith unleashes 12 weeks of frustration with a 7 td performance breaking young's record, and we rout the Ravens 63-14.
I love how you go from worst case scenario to best case scenario. If Justin Smith isn't available for the play-offs there is no scenario. We lose the first play-off game.
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BTW I would love to play GB in GB. Who do you think will play better when it comes down to running and defense because of the cold weather? Think guys.
Originally posted by bracus:
BTW I would love to play GB in GB. Who do you think will play better when it comes down to running and defense because of the cold weather? Think guys.

Won't matter if Justin Smith doesn't play.
Second round playoff exit..

Originally posted by vermonator:
Won't matter if Justin Smith doesn't play.

Cmon, Justin is a big help but you're insane if you think we have no chance in beating ANY team in the playoffs. This isn't a team that if you lose one player you're done. Hell, we have like 7 pro-bowlers on defense lol. We're not a team that's lucky to be getting in the playoffs. It's a dominant team. They just for some reason have weird games. The Seahawks I just chalk that up to being worn out from the Patriots. The Rams just have a really really good coach who prepped that team perfectly. You guys are just too quick to hit that panic button. Justin will play anyway, people are scared cause he's not playing this week. Can you think of a good reason to play him? I can't. No sense in getting him hurt when he can rest an extra week. The only thing hurting us is Manningham's injury. But I expect Moss to step us his game and as long as there's a speedy guy on the other side, Crabs will get his.
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1st round
49ers get down 0-5 at half. Alex comes in because our offense has been horrible and leads us to a 6-5 victory.

2nd round
49ers get down 0-4 at half. Alex comes in because our offense has been horrible and leads us to a 6-4 victory

3rd round
49ers get down 0-2 at half. Alex comes in again because our offense has been horrible and leads us to a 3-2 victory

Alex starts 49ers 54 Denver 2.
Originally posted by bigmur49:
So some of us are ready to say the team is out first round, some are still saying Championship, I figured it would be good to have it in one nice tidy list. So with all due respect to the usual PYMWYMI threads at the start of the season, what do you honestly predict for the Niners from now until they hand out the Lombardi trophy?? Keep it short and to the point, no rants or fighting, just your predictions...........

Here is mine:

AP runs all over the Packers, we get the #2 seed
Niners 27-20 over Green Bay in the Divisional Round
Niners 31-10 over Seattle in the NFC Championship
Niners 24-20 over the Broncos in the Superbowl (was gonna say 55-10 as our last win over Denver in the Superdome but figured that was a stretch)

All is right in the world, Gore is Superbowl MVP.

I would forever love you if this happens. I'd rather destroy the Patriots in the Superbowl, but this would be sick too. And could we beat the Seahawks by more than 21? How about 56-3 over Seattle in the NFC championship
I really think the Vikings will beat the Packers and we get the #2 seed. Vikings are a very good team and they have the personell to keep Rodgers on the sideline and control the game. And they are at home.

We will beat Arizona. Then rest up during the bye. Justin Smith returns. We beat the Vikings in the divisional round in a hard fought rematch (I'm guessing something like 24-20). Then we face the Seahawkes at home in the NFC Championship. This will be a different game in SF, but Seattle is playing like the best team in the league right now. It will be a close game.

I'll leave it at that.
Im glad that the Vikings beat Houston last week. Now, they're extra motivated to beat the packers at home. If they do, then they would clinch a playoff birth and probably play the pack at lambeau the following week.
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