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saleem rasheed thread

roll tide
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are you taliking about saleem rashad or rashad saleem?
A sad story all around. I once had high hopes for him, but he took the worst angles to the play of any linebacker that I have ever seen. A professional bust.
Originally posted by ninersush:
so i for one was a little happy to read this article about this boob being arrested. i remember he wouldn't drink water during TC cause of religious reassons and cramped out. i can't believe that turd lasted 4 years w us. he didnt do s**t in all his time here. what a crappy player and even crapier person.

I don't believe there are many evil men....only a few. Other than those few, I am never happy to see a man fail. Lord knows I have failed at many things in my life. I'm sure the day hew as drafted, he never pictured himself even considering food stamps. As for the woman stuff, man that's none of my business.

He was a niner, not a very good player, but a niner. Period full stop. That means I'll wish him well, always. I hope the guy gets back on his feet and that tomorrow looks better for him than today.
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Originally posted by DirtyP:
Originally posted by genus49:
I love this country but the fact that a guy who was in the NFL less than 5 years ago can somehow be approved for food stamps is pathetic.

Would you rather there not be food stamps available? People will find a way to take advantage of any system set in place. I think the fact that a guy who maybe can afford food can get food stamps is a better drawback than 1000 people starving to death or turning into criminals because they don't have access to food. Starvation is a serious problem in America if you don't already know.

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by jdt84_2:
Really in todays NFL with all the crap that goes on, you hates man who stuck with his religion even though his bosses and coworkers were pushing him not too.

Yeah, that same religion that somehow didn't prevent him from sexing up young girls...He's one of those guys who wants to show off and show just how MUCH he struggles and gives up for his religion, how pious he is, but its a b******t front, those types are usually the most full of crap.

This. I know plenty of "devout " religious people who drink, smoke weed, gamble and have sex wit hookers. But they pray three times so apparently its all good.

This thread took a wrong turn somewhere...

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