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Is this the year we finally see the mythical and lengendary functional Alex Smith?

Is this the year we finally see the mythical and lengendary functional Alex Smith?

No, it takes at least 12-14 years before you can properly evaluate whether a quarterback can play.

Plus, he's got new receivers, so if he merely throws for 2700 yards, 14 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions, completing 61% of his passes, you need to give him another year or two at least just to get used to the new receivers.
Originally posted by Squidp:
He let it fly with Martz too. I think he was coached last year to play the field position game. When we needed to make a drive and put points up we could but then it seemed like we would play ultra conservative after we scored more than 14 pts

He let it fly with Martz? Where, on the practice field?

Awfully hard to let it fly when you don't take a single snap.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
What if he is much better than you ever thought? He just needed 2 years in the system. And he may be a true franchise QB....

Harbaugh doesn't think so. Niners tried to upgrade the qb position and offered Alex only a low end deal (for a starting qb) with minimal guaranteed money.
Alex Smith will throw for over 4,000 yards and close to 30 TD's this year, win the Superbowl, named MVP; and yet, guys like susweel will still be talking crap about Baalke and Harbaugh for letting Tolzien get picked off of our practice squad to be the number 3 on someone else roster.

Alex proved to me LAST season that he is legit and belongs in this league as a FRANCHISE QB! If Craptree doesn't drop four passes, Dixon converts on 3rd and 1, Bradshaw's fumble is CALLED a fumble, or Kyle... Well, you get my point.

Alex is a baller already!
Originally posted by susweel:
Nope gonna see the same old overly careful Alex. It's just who he is

Seriously?!? Another Smith thread. Why?
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