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Ok moss is signed, now what?

With WR seemingly upgraded what's our strategy for the rest of free agency? Personally I'd love to see us go after Carl nicks, sign a CB whether it's Carlos Rogers or some other vet, add TWO solid kick returners cuz its been a problem the last 10 years n I don't wanna see Kyle Williams as our number 2 next year. What do u guys think we should do?

Oh and please no " manning over smith" cuz whether u like it or not Alex Smith will be the niners qb next season
Pop pop
Sign Tolbert as our short yardage back!
we still need a slot WR i like wright in draft but a guy like meachem is a solid option as well

also sign a RG (snyder) or outside

also we need a CB
I want Manning!!!!!
championship now
2. ????
3. Profit.
I want manning too and if it happened I'd be thrilled but lets face it harbaugh loves the guy n Alex loves harbaugh and who knows maybe Alex keeps improving
We still need another WR.

Morgan is a BIG question. Will he or not? We should move on Meachum soon. If Morgam wannted to sign, he would have done so. Can't blame him for chasing the $.

Nicks is out of the question - it is all about the $. Grubbs might take quite a bit less and he'd be an excelllent pick up. Really hoping Kilgore could fit the bill at RG.

I think the BIG need after WR is CB. Parrag is brilliant in thhe cap department - I really wish we couldd get Brandon Carr FA from Chiefs.

I have a better cahnce of winniing the lottery than manning signing w/us.
I'm tired of the Niners shopping at Walmart for WRs for once just spend some money on a big time WR.

Originally posted by susweel:
I'm tired of the Niners shopping at Walmart for WRs for once just spend some money on a big time WR.

we'll see what happens when Free Agency starts.
Sign Vincent Jackson.. Let Rodgers walk to fit the $ in for Vjax.. Grab the next best CB at #30.. Brock/Culliver, Another FA CB with this studd Pass rush. watch they talk about how our pass rush made carlos great..

QB Alex Smith
WR Randy Moss
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Michael Crabtree
TE Vernon Davis

If alex doesnt throw for 4500 yards 35TDs ill be dissapointed.
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Now start a redundant thread.
Originally posted by AmpLee:
Now start a redundant thread.

but this time do it HARD
Once a distraction, always a distraction.
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