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Is Carlos Rogers Better than Cortland Finnegan?

Is Carlos Rogers Better than Cortland Finnegan?

I think Finnegan on the market suppresses Rogers' value and makes him a bit cheaper.
Finnegan has played one year less and has better numbers than Rogers. I vote No
Originally posted by valrod33:
Finnegan has played one year less and has better numbers than Rogers. I vote No

yeah Finnegan would be a probowler on our defense
he takes a s**t ton of personal fouls
He's got a great attitude, and that feistyness would only add to our defenses brute mystique, but overall I like Rogers and his veteran leadership in the secondary. A leader cant go get a PI foul or in a fistfight then be taken seriously when trying to enforce error-free play in the defensive huddle...look at the lions D and how they fell apart once personal fouls got an attitude of acceptance. I would be down to try and land both so we would have the most insane 4-2-5 defense on 3rd and longs haha. Do it Baalke!
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Originally posted by nickbradley:

Uh, the Titans don't want you Mr. Finnegan because you're a douchebag. Could that be it, slapdick?
i'd rather go with who we had and what worked... Rogers
I'd rather stay with Rogers. But if we lose Rogers then Finnegan is fine.
large possibility he ends up with fisher again in stl anyways
Although Finnegan is a talented/amazing athlete, Cortland is a class-less scumbag who cannot control his emotions on or off the field (and has cost the Titans a lot of games on that D due to his attitude, which is why he's not wanted back).

-Cortland is the type of player that will turn 3rd & 23 into 1st & goal for an opposing offense due to a boneheaded DPI penalty.

Rogers but not by much. I think Rogers plays smarter.

What about Brandon Carr CB of K?. I think he is 25-26 and is a solid player on a terrible D?
Yes much bettter.
I like Cortland a lot, but I would rather have Rogers.
He's better at getting mushed by Andre Johnson.
Id rather have Rogers almost purely because Finnegan annoys me
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