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What's the Deal With Ralph Barbieri lately?

Anybody else hear Raph Barbieri and the fall of the 49ers schtick lately? What's his deal with the 49ers, post-2011 season?

He's really been pushing this whole "the 49ers aren't going to be as successful in 2012, may never repeat their success in a long time. 49er fans should be more upset, etc." The strange thing is the glee which he keeps making this prediction, and the way he says it over and over as if his prediction is a fact.

I can understand him saying that our opponents may improve, and that our schedule is tougher. But what Ralph really loves to emphasize is how lucky the 49ers were in 2011, and that things can't always bounce our way (which can be true), but why does Ralphie never mention that this will be Harbaugh and team's first offseason together, Alex's second year with Harbaugh and coaches, that the defense will be installing more plays, that the 49ers may ALSO improve, including their young players, etc.? Ralphie never mentioned that if a few things bounce our way, we not only have a better record, but we make it to the Super Bowl.

His main arguments seem to be were were lucky, won't be lucky in 2012 and the rest of the league will improve while we run into a wall of suckage or something. And this is all something he seems to KNOW is going to happen.

Between Barbieri's BS and Grouchy Radnich's constant "I just woke up and I don't know anything about the 49ers" act, I really can't take too much KNBR anymore.

Is this all just post-Harbaugh versus the press fallout?

Ralph's voice grates on my ears (he sounds like an insecure little kid with the voice of a child molester) so don't ask why I listen to the show. Tom makes me laugh, but usually I'm on 95.7 FM.
Barbieri is a hack. He is way off base on nearly every topic. His opinion is worth less than nothing. It amazes me how little he knows about a team he has covered for 25+ years.
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I don't understand why anyone wastes their time listening to KNBR anymore. They barely talk sports and when they do all they have is negative stuff to say. 95.7 >KNBR
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Originally posted by pfizz:
I don't understand why anyone wastes their time listening to KNBR anymore. They barely talk sports and when they do all they have is negative stuff to say. 95.7 >KNBR
The Truth!
OG Razor does not really have good knowledge. He is good for interviews only nowadays. Still my boy though... Bay Area radio legend. He asked some tough questions when interviewing unlike other pu55y interviews KNBR does.
If he said the niners are going to do great next year, nobody would listen. It's easy to be a contrarian and more people listen. It works for Ratgut or Rats-ass or whatever the heck chubbies name is.
The only thing perpetuating these two jokers does is make them more popular, and they are frankly boring and I quit listening to either one and KNbr yrs ago.
Yeah I really only listen to 95.7FM unless I can't pick up their signal.
Whew. Good to know I'm not alone.

Rod Brooks makes me laugh, so I'll probably hop on 680 during lunch, but yeah, what am I doing torturing myself with this crap?
Bruce > Most of the other KNBR Guys

I remember him saying at the beginning of the year that he could see Alex winning a super bowl with the niners.....
A lot of people share his sentiments. People are just basing this opinion on history, which says that the Niners are not likely to repeat the same success. Doesnt mean that we arent going to be as good or even better than this year. Just that based on history (odds), we wont be.

Simple as that. You shouldnt read too much into what Ralph says anyways. Although when Scott Mcloughlin was on with Ralph and Tom, Ralph ripped him a new one. He will forever have my respect for that interview alone, in spite of the crap that comes out of his mouth most of the time.
That moron is still on KNBR? I moved out of the bay area back in '03. I couldn't stand him then.
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Barbieri has never known or cared about anything but baseball, and even there he is not very astute. He is a far left liberal who drives up the ratings from that demographic and KNBR keeps him there to keep the ad rates high.
I cant stand the razor but he has a valid point. Even Cosell mentioned that researchers have dug up the data and never has a team been close to a high turnover differential two years straight. We said the same thing about the Saints after they won the SB. They rode their turnovers that uear and werent so fortunate the following year. Combine that with a tougher schedule and hey were a disappointment. And their team actually had a high scoring offense. Imagine our offense without the Defense and Special teams vastly helping them get into prime scoring position.

We will need to score way more point on offense than we did this year from longer drives if we want to even come close to 13 wins. If you think our D and ST can repeat what they did, you are dreaming.
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