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Another depressing quote from a "source"

I haven't seen this posted anywhere:

Link from CBSsportsline

A former 49ers player under Singletary told me that it was the most unorganized team he has ever been around -- including high school.

He said that Singletary and his staff would often wing it when it came to game plans on Sundays.
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Why does this surprise anybody?
guess who the person was. i think it was michael robinson.
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Originally posted by niner4ever12:
guess who the person was. i think it was michael robinson.

or Glenn Coffee
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This is so f**king sad.
I say M-Rob or Brandon Jones.
"former 49ers player under Singletary" = Mrob?!

Ugh FML. How did we manage to beat AZ last year if we were this unprepared? I dunno, this doesn't really surprise me though. We came out in all 3 games looking very unprepared, and only in the saints game were we able to come back and right the ship. This is sad. We deserve better than this. I don't care if we make the playoffs or hit a winning streak or whatever, Sing's got to go. This is pathetic. How can he expect the players to bust their asses for him when he won't do it for them? It's not like you have to be a genius to watch film, just have to not be a lazy ass. When he finally watched the film from this season he figured out that our play calling sucked.

is that you balmer?
This makes too much sense not to be true
Seriously.... why is this a surprise?
have you ever seen a halftime adjustment from this staff?
how many times have you thought, "wow, we are getting out coached."?
Makes total sense to me. My Grandma could of did a better job coming up with a game plan!
Shaun Hill, Balmer, Robinson, Mark Roman?
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