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"It's a Young Team": Is this the reason the 49ers are losing?

"It's a Young Team": Is this the reason the 49ers are losing?

One of the lamest excuses I've heard in a long time. Actually, it is a pathetic excuse. In fact, this is a loser's excuse, and I was very disappointed that he made that comment.
If by young team you mean Coach Sing is a rookie HC who is over his head then yes
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Does he know we have 2 first round picks that will need to start and be counted on
Texans youngest team in the NFL, how did they beat us?
Young bought the team? I missed that.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
6th oldest roster in the league . . .

Old but not good. Man, is that depressing.


No. They are not winning because they are lousy. It's Obama's fault.
I think they stopped trying because of 2012
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We lose because we run a system that is slated toward the weaknesses of the team rather than the strengths of the team.


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We are the 6th oldest team in the league!

The average NFL career is only about 4 years. Players like Smith who is in his 5th year no longer have the right to that excuse!

David Baas is just a SLOW guard. It's not about experience. Logan Mankins who was drafted one pick ahead of him was an All-Pro three years ago!

We traded UP for Adam Snyder. He's a back-up journeyman, NOT a young player who hasn't found himself.

Parys Haralson and Manny Lawson are 4th year players who have added bulk and strength, but simply don't have the explosiveness to become premier pass rushers. Premiere pass rushers rarely come into the league and wait until years five, six or seven to burst on the scene!

Dashon Goldson was considered a marginal pick by most draft observers. Reggie Smith wasn't considered a third rounder by most. Why? Lack of speed! And now here they are, part of our big, tough, SLOW secondary!

-Not executing
-Bad coaching

These are the reasons we are losing. I believe the talent is in place to make a playoff run (not Superbowl), however, the aforementioned things are keeping us down.
Many young NFL players have been playing football for a long time by the time they are 24-25 years old. Many young NFL players make plays for the better teams in the NFL. Total BS of an excuse.
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