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Fire Mike Singletary!

Originally posted by gunslinger8:
Can't cheer with him, can't win with him, can't deal with him! Can't do it!

Have you ever heard the phrase "knee jerk?"
Players! Nolan and him had the same problem.
he's an idiot. your head coach sets the tone in all phases and he does not understand offensive football. at all.

Please Jed - clean house. Please?
Man I couldn't wait till this thread happened. I am so excited. Finally we can have the real coach that everyone has wanted all along......Brian Jennings! Wahoo!!!

Here's to who will soon to be the greatest player coach ever!

Who hired Raye???
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His Sideshow has gotten old. It is time for him to go. We are right back where we were 5 years ago. His decision and handling of hiring Raye alone is worthy of him being fired.
He doesn't have the players prepared, doesn't know how. To gameplan and the only gametime adjustments he makes stem from being down in the game and having to throw to get back in it. Think his motivational speeches will win any games? I don't.
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