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Morgan/Crabtree vs. Woodson/Harris

Originally posted by NickSh49:
Anyone else terrified that our passing game will struggle a ton this weekend unless we can get Vernon Davis the ball?

The 49ers have two WR's in Josh Morgan & Michael Crabtree with less than 3 years of NFL experience between them. The Packers have two Pro Bowl CB's in Charles Woodson and Al Harris, with both having played over ten years in the league.

Raye better have one hell of a game plan. Let's hope Frank runs all over their shoddy 3-4.

you go 3WR and then you have VD so don't worry they could put one of them on VD if he is split wide. And J. Hill coming on strong so we can have miss matches in shotgun and spread formation !
The GB CB's are very aggresive. Our OL has to give Smith time, and the niners offense needs to run a bunch of double moves early. We have to be able to keep the CB"s honest and stop them from jumping all of the short routes. If we can not get to ball down the field early 13-17 yards, i think we are in for a long day interception wise.
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The running game better be on! and VD needs to play a big role if we are going to win. Our D needs to be stout again because there's going to be footballl flying everywhere.
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Our passing game ALWAYS struggles.
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This game will not be settled by the offense. The Defense will set the tone for how well we do. Same as every game we play as long as our Oline is in a state (perpetual it seems) of repair.
I'm not worried at all...

I know our offense will suck and we will lose the game. So why worry? I already know what's coming before it happens.
I don't expect much out of Crabtree/Morgan this game. No offense to them but Harris/Woodson combo is pretty damn good.
Our WRs aren't going to tear it up.

I imagine that they'll do what they normally do.

Our WRs can get open.

The question is:
Can our QB deliver the ball?
We can only hope he doesn't throw any dumb interceptions... I mean the worst he's had so far in the season was against the Titans when I believe Chris Hope intercepted it by diving, now that was a bad throw but the other tipped ones, he knows not to throw into tight coverage like that again.

He has to learn from those throws although they weren't completely his fault, I mean he has messed up several times, but at the same time, we need Frank to be consistent rather than having a big game here and there, we know he's good and doesn't put the ball out very often but then comes the O-line....

Not trying to blame Frank at all, I'm just thankful to have a threat at RB but the thing is, we need the defense to be scared of the run all the time so that we can hit those PA bombs to Vernon or Crabtree
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
I'm not worried at all...

I know our offense will suck and we will lose the game. So why worry? I already know what's coming before it happens.

Come on now man, I mean we stopped Peyton Manning from scoring a passing TD and we were able to shut down Adrian Peterson, that says something about our defense and how the phrase "defense wins games" is a factor for us. Now it hasn't worked every time, but at the same time, we can force 3 and outs like we've done so often this season.

Our offense does need a lot of work but the thing is when Alex and Vernon connect once in a game, it normally doubles and if we have that happen, I see us winning the game

Pressuring Aaron should be no problem, Justin, Aubrayo, McDonald, and Sopoaga should get hits on him and force bad throws

Originally posted by Daniel2778:
as long as we have enough time to throw the ball, i think we will be fine

exactly! with Gore which should freeze the LBs and Ss and have crabby and morgan fly out or post corners...

Its all a crap shoot. I just hope we win. This and every game after this is big.
Best advice, use screens to counter their aggressiveness. Not just RB screens, but mid-field screens to Vernon and Crabtree as well, just like he did in college.
our best shot to get Morgan and crabtree involved is to get frank and VD the ball early and often, then when they stack the box or blitz then u hit frank off wit screens and flats , same with VD , then when their defense starts to loosen up , then u hit Morgan and crabtree off with intermediate passes , BUT THE KEY IS THE OLINE AS IT IS EVERYGAME
Harris is garbage. in my opinion one of the most overrated corner's in the league. Woodson is the only thing that holds the packer defense together. I feel like its going to be in smith's hands, he can win the game or lose the game for us.
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