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Is it just me or there is always something wrong with niners?

Other than the fact we don't win more than 8 games a year

I think it's just you.......................
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Seems like you can write the story before the season starts every year...

Niners win a few of their first games, but win "ugly". They head into October with a .500 record, and face the tougher teams. They lose against most of the teams we think are playoff contenders in October-November. The 49ers then rally for some wins in December, but they will be trailing too far in the playoff race for those wins to matter at that point.

bingo....but you forget all the pre season hype on the zone....why?, because of the winning streak at the end ofcourse!!!

got to love circles
This is the same thing with any Corporation... They make a great product and then they believe it will always be great. Then all of a sudden it is not competative and start replacing people and the Management stays. The whole thing starts over and over again until the company gets bought and / or taken over by good management. It is very frustrating for all involved. I like coach Sing but Rossum is a lot like something NoWin would do, now we lose a CB to play the Titans and Bears. But folks there is always nexy year.... there is always next year. It gets old after a while.
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It's you
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