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Straight up are we

Straight up are we

Originally posted by MadDog49er: make the playoffs.

We are in a division with the Rams, who are finished already, the Cards, which have not played well this season, and the Hawks, who have been snakebit with injuries.

A 9-7 record may get us into the playoffs, so the Niners would need to finish the next 11 weeks at 6-5, which is pretty realistic.

This is a tossaway game for the team. Nothing went their way, they performed poorly, and never were in it. It happens to nearly every team in the NFL every year, and was our first stinker of the year.

I wouldn't panic about the team as a whole. The defense is still pretty solid. They just had a bad, bad week.

couldn't have said it better. im not going to say we're going to win out through the rest of our games, but we have a good shot of winning our division with these teams in our division. glad we have a bye coming out. we need all the time we could get
Club footed slow with the exception of Willis.

Until we figure out a way to hold the O line, we are doomed to similar treatment by all our opponents

Looks like the opponents defensive philosophy is to just flood the dline with blitz/run blitz packages, and until the team (OC/HC/QB) figure out a way to make them pay, we are doomed. No misdirection, no hard counts - nothing to get them back on their heels.
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