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Official 49ers will be ok...not sure about the fans thread lol

Ok so we complain about EVERYTHING possible, we win games but their only preseason right? Our pash rush sucks but it's only preseason again we hold a great Dallas offense to 10 points and cause a turnover on a promising Dallas drive and we still get no recognition. My point is this we complain about every single thing possible even when it's a good thing it's not good enough. For every complaint why dont you take a step back and look at the positive. Yes Nate Davis is ripping apart 3rd stringers but he's also a rookie who was drafted in the mid/late rounds of the draft and it's not like he's playing a bunch of no shows lol. What you have to begin to understand is yes the preseason is vanilla, but it shows which people are better straight up man on man. Nate Davis is manning up against people that should be his skill level...the backups and hes dominating so thats good news right? Our defense has caused the second most turnovers in the NFL matched up man on man, not scheme on thats promising right? The only negative I will admit too is our pass rush. The pre season has no blitz schemign it's just rush against your guy and may the best man win. Well we lose every battle and have 0 real sacks so yes thats a bit scary lol. To turn that into a positive...just look at the fact that were 3-0 and against Dallas we held their starting Offense with Romo and Barber and Jones and Witten (stacked) to 10 points and a turnover. That all happened with 0 sacks and we still managed to keep it 10-3 with NO offense and NO defensive pressure. Not to bad could be worse. We might not look pretty but we battle it out and we keep games close. Sounds like the kind of team Singletary wanted from the start!
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I think you missed a comma
probably 13, but I'm a football fan not a school teacher. I enjoy Sunday football games not doing math homework with my pals. Sorry I'm here to talk football not straighten my skirt.
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