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Will Singletary get us to the playoffs?

Will Singletary get us to the playoffs?

Had Singletary retained Martz I'd say yes we make the play-offs. Now with the OC debacle, no way. We will be the bottom dwellers of the NFC West, Singletary will be fired and we will start this circus all over again. God I hope I'm wrong but things look really bad right now, reeally bad.
Singletary may be a good HC but he might also be just a cheerleader. Hiring Raye indicates that he wants to stabilize the ship and will rely on the defense to win games. That is not all bad but I would have prefered a younger OC with a WCO background. Raye has evidently been a stable influence where ever he has been and was rehired by several HCs during his career so he can't be all bad. The 9ers could definately use a calm and stable influence on the O side.

So, I believe that the talent is there to make the playoffs and that Singletary may be able to lead the team there, but I really doubt that this group can get anywhere in the playoffs. As always--I hope to be proven wrong!

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Playoffs? Probably. Superbowl? Doubt it.
how bout we get to .500 first?
Yes. Either this year or next.
Originally posted by socalniner:
how bout we get to .500 first?

No. Teams are capable of quick turnarounds in the NFL these days.
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First of all My vote is yes , I would hope it is this up coming season that we make some progress to the playoffs. Now I'm glad this pole exist because there are to many wishy washy fans on this board ready to jump the fence when when the things start looking good . All this bashing of Singletary has taken and the season just ended , what happened to everybody that wanted coach Singletary when the season ended.I know it is just how the zone gets in the off season.
If Kurt Warner retires then we have a decent shot at making it.
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No way.
Too many doubters. Geez. I think we'll still make the playoffs.
after he fires the OC and get a real one .. then we will
Quit hating on the team, just enjoy Sing's coaching and don't give him unnecessary pressure.
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our chances are pretty good. consider this, over the past 7 super bowls only one team that lost in the big game (seahawks at 9-7 in 2006) made the playoffs the next year. the cards are the underdogs and could very well experience a hangover next year.

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Originally posted by Method:

LOL, you're just mad cuz Alex is on the bench. HATER!! My answer is maybe. AZ is going to be extremely confident and they won't be giving up the west so easily. I know, I know, we just have to win our games. Confidence plays a huge role though.
Originally posted by Niners99:
ok, mods, dont lock this. im creating an official poll to keep track of whos with Sing, and whos not with him, since it seems the whole board wants him fired now.

if you think sing will get the 49ers to the playoffs while he is our head coach, vote YES. if you think he wont, or will be fired in the next 2 seasons, vote NO.

time for there to be a track record on the people that like to change their loyalties based on fair weather.

I will save this thread also. I know we will get in the playoffs with Sing.
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