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Frank Gore Thread

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Kaepernick was unsure? LOL
Originally posted by Niners99:
definitely worth its own thread TWICE.

Sorry. Forum seems to be lagging

I've put an hour into a thread: posting stats, copy pasting images and seen it moved to the abyss: 70 page game thread. Not putting the time into that again
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Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Kaepernick was unsure? LOL


Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Kaepernick was unsure? LOL

You didn't see him miss 2 early read calls on options plays?

He was hesitant. No surprise, he's young. That's why we have guys like Frank
wasn't he like 16-21 with a td, he would of had another if it weren't for crabs fumbling the ball. the falcons were determined not to let him win the game with his legs.

gire is the ish
Idk about Kaep being unsure. But Gore is the man. I said it in another thread, Frank Gore is the best 49ers back in history, bar none (tips hat to William Floyd).
Originally posted by Niners99:
definitely worth its own thread TWICE.

Aw lets not be thread nazis tonight

This is a monumentally epic evening for lots of guys and gals here are living and breathing it for the first time

Lets just celebrate, and be merry

Kaep was making lots of decisions at the line of scrimmage including audibles and read options that helped us win.
NFL fines Frank Gore 10,500 for low socks? Is it me or does the NFL have it out for us.... Crazy part is Trent Williams on the Redskings got fined only 7500 for smacking the crap out of Richard Sherman( Although I loved watching that). So i guess in the NFL its better to smack a man but how dare you wear your socks too low... LMAO Godell you get the Donkey of the week.
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lol that is pretty fun though

Socks on the Ground

Socks on the Ground

Acking like a fool with your socks on the ground
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It's a dress code rule. Deal with it. It's kind of dumb but if they let players dress how they want it would get ridiculous. Antonio Bryant would be sagging his ass crack out all game long. Does he even play anymore btw?
Merton's gonna Mert. Just doing his job.
its the damn principle itself! how you gonna fine somebody less for punching another person in the face?
Brady kicks Reed, no fine. Gore lowers his socks because he's feeling hot, $10,500. Good Job, NFL.
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