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Different spin

I'm going to take a different approach to the draft. Who do you think we can get to that could be an impact player for us?

We definitely have a stud LB core and Kap, Crabs and VD are impact players. Could we get to Cowboy's replacement? Would love to get a S that becomes our Earl Thomas.

Who could we get to? To be honest, I don't get a chance to follow college ball, so who is really out there?

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NT, and WR are the two top positions for immediate impacts, as im not sure Soap will be back. and manninham will have a long road to health, and Jenkins could very well be a bust.
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Defensive end, corner, safety, receiver

Tight end if Walker leaves. I keep reading that this is a good class for tight ends especially in the middle rounds
I'm not sure any TE drafted would be an impact player.
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